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Sultry Summer Motivation Strategies Continue

As promised, I have another summer give away to help get your through the hot summer days when motivation can be a big problem.  Who are we kidding?  We’re busy, it’s hot, we’re staying up too late and attending too many weekend barbeques.  Our workouts sessions have hit the wall.

 Is This How You Feel?

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Help Is On The Way

Since I wrote about the sudden and unannounced end of Exercise TV almost a year ago, readers have provided a number of suggestions for a replacement to the beloved network.  One alternative, Workouts on Demand, is an excellent substitute for Ex TV, with options to download and/or stream workout videos.

Workouts on Demand offers step aerobics, Pilates, cardio dance, body sculpting and toning, stability ball workouts, yoga, kickboxing,  hip hop, and a killer ab program. You can plan workouts around your schedule.  Pick a quick 10 minute workout when you’re short on time and a 45 minute one when your schedule allows.

The site has over 160 videos and adds one or two new ones each week.  You can view the workouts from your computer monitor or TV with the help of a free downloadable app from the LG-TV store.  An app to view the programs on an iPad is only $4.99.

Workout In Air Conditioning and Privacy – No Gym Membership Required

Workouts on Demand provided me the following excellent 10 minute ab workout to share with you so you can get an idea of what WOD is all about and excited about the six month free membership that you have a chance to win.

 How Can You Enter To Win Six Months Free –  

To enter to win the Workouts on Demand six month membership just drop a comment in the box and use the name of one of the Workout On Demand instructors in your comment.  You have until midnight, August 16th to enter. It’s that easy!

As an additional bonus to readers of Put That Cookie Down Now!, Workouts on Demand is offering 55% off any membership for as long as you maintain the membership.  You can activate this discount by using the Coupon Code 55august.  This means that even if you don’t win the six months free, you can take advantage of this generous discount.  The 55% off offer expires on September 8.

From Them, To Me, To You, To Your Friends and Fam

My plan was – and still is – to keep the summer give-aways going with Cathe Friedrich’s Crossfire DVD this month. The offer I’ve received from Workouts On Demand is too good to pass up so I figure, why not do both?

I’m totally excited about this amazing offer that Workouts on Demand is delivering to us.  I hope you’ll enter a comment for a chance to win and share this post and the awesome ab workout with your friends.

(I will apologize ahead of time for the comment spam filter that is occasionally overzealous.  If for any reason you have trouble posting a comment on this blog, please feel free to contact me at

Good luck!


  1. Jessi

  2. I think I would like Jessie DeHaven (trainer). The combo of cardio kickboxing and step aerobics is what I need! Lost my motivation, but I think I found it! Now back to work (get my workout on lol)!

  3. I love working out with Pascale