You Don’t Have To Go To An Upscale Restaurant To Enjoy Cucumber Water

Cucumber Water – One More Way To Beat The Heat

Adding sliced cucumbers to water also adds antioxidants.

You may have noticed I’ve been focused on low calories refreshing beverages this summer.  Here in Illinois we have had record heat day after day.  Outdoor running, teaching classes in a hot gym, gardening and yard work can be draining.

Staying away from refreshing looking drinks that are loaded with sugar – sometimes up to 15 teaspoons – is the goal.  One way to do that is by making a pitcher of cucumber water that you can store in the refrigerator.   It’s perfect for quenching your thirst, serving guests that stop by, and can even add some nutrition that you can’t get from plain water.

Sliced Cucumbers From Our Garden 

Sliced cucumbers from our garden.

Did you know that cucumbers contain Vitamin C and caffeic acid.  Both are antioxidants that can help protect skin from sun damage.  Studies have shown that Vitamin C boosts collagen and elastic and can help keep skin looking young.  The caffeic acid helps protect skin cells from radiation.  Cucumbers also contain silica which is essential to connective tissue.

A Delicious Pitcher of Cucumber Water To Serve By The Pool  

Impress your guests with a fresh pitcher of cucumber water.

Cucumber water is classy, pretty, hydrating and refreshing. Plus it tastes great.  If you find it hard to keep pushing down plain water, even when the thermometer hovers at the 103 mark, adding sliced cucumbers and a mint sprig will encourage you to drink more.



  1. Cucumber water is a great suggestion – I’m always looking for a better way to hydrate!
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