You Still Have Time To Win A Copy of The Wellness Code

Excerpt From The Wellness Code by Briar Munro 

“Motivation and Goals –– This may seem like an odd thing to be looking at when we talk about health.  However, if we dont’ have a clear vision of where we want to go in our lives then what’s the point of being healthy?  We need to have a dream, a vision for our future in order to motivate us to move forward, to get up each day.

What is you dream? How can you start to reach your goals?

So what is your dream?  What makes you happy?  What do you want to achieve while you are on this earth?  If you were to die tomorrow what would you like to leave behind?  How would you like your friends and family to describe you?  What do you believe in?

Having a dream gives us direction and motivates us to continue our journey.” — an excerpt from “Mastering Your Body”, a chapter in The Wellness Code by Briar Munro.

About Briar – When Briar was 12 years old she was diagnosed with Perthese – a degeneration of the bones.  She has had two hip surgeries and deals with ongoing hip pain but has not let that stop her from reaching her goals. She is a certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach.  You can learn more about Briar at her website

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