Be Fit’s 20 Minute Cardio Power Debuts Monday.

People don’t always have an hour to spend exercising or have access to a gym. You don’t need either with the new 20 Minute Cardio Power program from Liongate’s Be Fit.

On Monday, Lionsgate will be premiering an all-new, BeFit Go video, BeFit Go | 20 Minute Cardio Power.

Be Fit's 20 Minute Cardio Power debuts Monday

Be Fit’s 20 Minute Cardio Power debuts Monday

The 20 Minute Cardio Power workout is an intense, calorie blasting cardio circuit workout that boosts metabolism through a unique combination of exercises that include ski jumps, air squats, and jumping lunges.

Why Cardio Power?

The Cardio Power program will give you results in just 20 minutes a day.

Increased Heart Health

Your heart is a muscle just like any other, it needs to be worked to become strong. By getting the heart pumping at a faster rate on a regular basis you will keep it in shape and healthy.

Increased Metabolism

The more intense your cardio session, the more noticeable increase you will see in your metabolic rate. An increased metabolism means an easier time maintaining your weight, or even losing weight!

A better life!

Performing cardiovascular exercises changes the hormonal profile in your body by releasing “feel good” hormones called endorphins, which block pain and enable you to experience euphoric feelings. People who partake in regular cardio exercise often have a better outlook on life because they’re getting the stress-relief benefits from these hormones.

Be Fit has replaced Exercise TV by offer a variety of challenging workouts from fitness icons like Denise Austin, Jillian Michaels, and Mary Helen Bowers for free!

To start the Cardio Power program and to see the other workouts from Be Fit, click here.

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