Breaking The Sugar Habit Offers Practical Tips to Help You Kick Your Sugar Addiction

The average American consumes about 100 pounds of sugar a year or almost 30 teaspoons a day. Even though we realize that sugar is a factor in many of the chronic diseases that are on the rise today, we can’t seem to end our love affair with it.

Sugar is addictive and that makes breaking up hard to do.  The e-book Breaking The Sugar Habit: Practical Ways to Cut Sugar, Lose the Weight, and Regain Your Health can help.

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Breaking The Sugar Habit is an easy-to-read 69 page e-book written by Margaret Wertheim, nutritionist and registered dietitian who specializes in helping people break the sugar habit. Margaret holds a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MS in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle.

Margaret explains in the introduction that she wrote the book for her patients, clients and friends that are struggling with health problems caused by sugar.

Margaret believes that “excess sugar and refined carbohydrates intake to be at the root of many of the worst health problems out there today. There are of course other factors like lack of fruits and vegetables and lack of exercise, but I consider sugar the primary problem, when you consider an average daily sugar intake of 94 grams or about 23 teaspoons in the US.”

Breaking The Sugar Habit is divided into four parts: Sugar basics, Why Sugar Isn’t So Sweet, Kicking The Sugar Habit, and How To Still Savor Some Sweetness.  Throughout those sections the book:

  • Contends that it is sugar, not fats that contribute to heart disease, high cholesterol levels, and fatty liver disease.
  • Explores the negative health impact of sugar, fructose, and artificial sweeteners.
  • Will help you understand the difference between sucrose, glucose and fructose.
  • Explains the value of the Glycemic Index and Load charts and shows where many popular foods are on the chart.  (You’d be surprised at some of the ‘healthy’ foods that are at the top of the chart.)

The book is backed up with research and data on the effects of sugar on chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome as well as breast, colon, prostrate and endometrial cancers. And, it provides a convincing argument that if you’re going to change one thing in your diet, focusing on reducing – or even eliminating – sugar should be the top priority.

The book doesn’t just lay out a case for quitting sugar.  It provides a step by step plan to cut back on added sugar along with 10 tips to get you on your way to kicking the habit.

It’s informative without exaggerating the research and doesn’t use an alarmist tone.  Margaret says the intent is “not to provide an exhaustive analysis of the research linking sugar and these health conditions, but to give you an overview of the research and proposed mechanisms by which sugar increases risk of disease.

If you’re interested in solid, fact-based information about sugar and know that it’s time for  you cut back – if not break up completely – you’ll learn how you can improve your health by focusing on this one area.

You can purchase the book at Margaret’s web site for $2.95. Later in the month it will also be available at

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