Chia Plus Emergen-C Is Vitamin Infused Hydration

Do you have days when you’re just dog-tired?  Boy I do.  Especially in the summer after I’ve put in a few miles on the pavement or in the gym.  By the time I get to work I know my challenge is going to be staying focused, on-task and motivated.

I’ve noticed that some runners have been showing up to races with a sports drink – or even plain water – with Chia seeds in them.  I wonder if there’s any science behind this new fad of hydrating with a drink full of chia to improve sports performance?

It turns out there is. Kind of.

Emergen-C + Chia = Hydration

Emergen-C + Chia = Hydration

A study cited by the National Institute of Health compared athlete’s performance using two different high dietary carbohydrate (CHO) treatments.  One treatment consisted of CHO-loading with 100% of the calories coming from Gatorade.  In the second treatment, 50% of the calories came from chia seeds and 50% from Gatorade.   While the results of the study did not prove enhanced performance from adding the seeds, it did show that athletes did just as well with the second treatment and using the seeds allowed them to reduce their sugar consumption by 50% which means fewer calories and more nutrition.

Wayne Coates, ultra runner and author of the book called Chia: The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood, says that chia has long been known as runner’s food and was one of the main ingredients that the Aztec warriors used for fuel.

Coates says “The Tarahumara Indians of the Copper Canyon in Mexico have been known as the “running Indians” and they have used [chia] for years. The Aztec warriors used to carry it on their campaigns.  It is said that that’s really what they ate; it gave them sustained energy.”

Plus, because of their high fiber content, chia seeds really take on water so not only are they are effective for nutritional hydration, they fill you up.

Chia Seeds + Emergen-C = Healthy Hydration

What about Chia seeds with Emergen-C?  Emergen-C is already one of my favorite drink mixes that always helps me get out of a low-energy slump.  Each mix has 1,000 mg of Vitamin C which has been shown to increase metabolism and boost energy.  It also has a hefty supply of B Vitamins:  Vitamin B6 – 500% DVM, Vitamin B12 – 417% DVM. There are also several other  nutrients including potassium, thiamin, niacin, and folic acid.

Today I’ve mixed a little more than a teaspoon of chia seeds into my Emergen-C beverage (photo above).  If I cut up a lemon and add it to the concotion I’ll have the perfect drink.

Anyway, I’ll let you know if it helps me get through the day.

I think I feel better already.

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