Herbalife, Slim-Fast, Shaklee, Ideal Protein, Wellness Coaching or Shakeology. Can you pick the one that works?

Changing a behavior isn’t always easy.  Whether you decide to quit smoking, start an exercise program, or make the decision to lose ten or twenty pounds, you may benefit from regular one-on-one sessions with a wellness coach.

Each year 108 million Americans will make an average of four to five dieting attempts each year.  Most favor the do-it-yourself weight loss programs that they can access from home. Herbalife, Slim-Fast, Atkins, and Shaklee are more popular than ever.  Not far behind is Shakeology, Body by Vi and Ideal Protein.

And these diets aren’t cheap. Herbalife, now the second leading weight loss company in the world, had an estimated sales of meal replacement weight loss products in North America of approximately $537 million in 2012.

What does it tell us if we know that 108 million American will make four to five attempts at weight loss each year? That these diets are short –term solutions to long-term challenges.  Drinking two shakes a day and a heat-and-meal for dinner might be a do-it-yourself weight loss program, but it’s a long way away from a behavior change one.

The problem is there’s no plan in place once someone deviates from the meal replacement formulas that these diets offer.  These seemingly easy programs are the reason why an individual will make numerous attempts at weight-loss throughout their lifetime.


Wellness Coaching Can Help

Taking a non-dieting approach to weight loss can be done with the help of a wellness coach.  A wellness coach is trained to help people dream about the future, set goals that will help them reach their dream, and provide encouragement and motivation along the way.

Wellness coaching isn’t about what you’re doing wrong, what you ate that wasn’t on the ‘diet’, or punish you because you missed getting to the gym four times this week.  A wellness coach teaches you to focus on embracing what you are doing right and identifies barriers that prevent you from doing those things all the time.  A wellness coach isn’t interested in get-thin-quick schemes or rapid weight loss programs, but instead wants to ensure that the client is well prepared to make changes that they can sustain for the rest of their lives.

Could Wellness Coaching Help You?

I received my wellness coaching certification through the American College of Sports Medicine after a year-long process of learning, practicing and testing.  The insight that I gained in that year has been irreplaceable and is why I want to offer this opportunity to you.

I am looking for two clients that would like to participate in weekly coaching sessions for 12 weeks.  The cost to the client would be $120 or $10 a week.  This is below the normal range of services for wellness coaching and is much less than a weekly supply of Herbalife, Slim-Fast, Shakeology or Ideal Protein.  My financial goal is to cover the cost of the weekly phone call.

If you join my wellness coaching practice you’ll receive one telephonic coaching session with me every week for 12 weeks where we will:

  • Develop a compelling vision of your desired future self.
  • Establish long and short term behavioral goals that will assist you in reaching that vision.
  • Engage in a weekly accountability check-in to determine the progress made and measure goal achievement.
  • Re-assess long term goals to make sure they are still appropriate.
  • Spend time discussing barriers and work together to brainstorm solutions when needed.
  • Renew and re-establish specific,realistic, measurable goals that will continue to move you towards your desired future self.

Each phone call will last approximately 30 minutes and will be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient.

If you would like to know more about wellness coaching or this special offer, please send an e-mail to me at K_Stefaniak28@yahoo.com.

Maybe you’re not a candidate for wellness coaching, but you know someone who is.  Be sure and pass this along to them so they can take advantage of this coaching offer.

   * this discounted offer is only available to individuals that live in the U.S.  

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  1. Marylyn says:

    I have struggled with my weight especially after having three children. I’ve tried it all, Slim Fast, diet pills, shakes, etc. and everytime I would gain and lose, gain and lose weight but something never changed. Now I realized it was the way I thought about food (and what is real food) and its value in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t until I really made peace with myself because 90% of diet (in my opinion) is the way you think. My stress level went down, I feel better than I did in years. But I’m leaving out the best part, I couldn’t have had that mental break through if I didn’t have the best Wellness Coach in the Midwest (she KNOWS who she is). My wellness coach was the best, she would talk to me about my week, did I meet my weekly goals etc. and I think that fact that we had our weekly phone conversations made me accountable for everything I put in my body. She help me see I was hiding from the truth, I struggling MORE with past weight issues than my current weight issues. Thanks to my Wellness Coach, I feel great about my body. I can go in a store and feel great when I try on clothes. It is a wonderful feeling. If I could tell anyone who reads my comment, please stop with the fad diets because trust me I’m the QUEEN of fad diets and none of them worked. I recommend a Wellness Coach or a friend to work out with because having that support goes a long way!!!

    • Thank you for the positive endorsement for wellness coaching. I appreciate your comment.