Madonna’s “Addicted To Sweat” Workout Is Now on DVD

Addicted to SweatMadonna is as famous for her hard body and cutting edge dance routines as she is her music.

For years Madonna has followed a rigid fitness regime that includes cardio sprints, trampoline workouts, and jumping rope. I remember a few years ago reading that when she was on the road and not able to get to the gym she would run the stairs at the hotel that she was staying in.

The hard work has paid off for her.  At 54 she is still in top notch shape and attributes it to the dance workouts that she does with her personal trainer and choreographer, Nicole Winhoffer. Together, Maddona and Nicole have created a new cardio-sculpt dance workout series, Addicted to Sweat,  based on the workouts that Madonna does everyday to stay fit.

Up until now this workout has been offered exclusively at Hard Candy Fitness, Madonna’s signature fitness club, but has recently been released on DVD.  (Read to the end of the post to see how you can win the box set.)

The four set DVD consists of (1) a cardio-dance routine workout, (2) a “jaw-breaker” towel workout, (3) a ramped up cardio-dance workout that is faster and more challenging than DVD #1, and (4) a “jaw-breaking” routine using a chair that changes the meaning of words ‘chair workout’.

Below is the three  minute trailer for Addicted to Sweat:

The workout looks challenging and fun, but the complicated choreography may too much for some people to learn from a DVD. I’m thinking there is potential to take this workout across the globe and offer it as a series of classes taught by trained instructors in the same way Turbo Kick and Zumba are.

You can purchases the 4-set DVD for $49.99 here. For a chance to win the set, tweet your favorite Madonna lyrics using the hashtag #AddictedToSweat.  They will pick the top three.

What do you think?  Is Addicted to Sweat for you?

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  1. Do we just post the hashtag #AddictedToSweat on our Twitter page to be entered into the contest or do we have to be “friends” (AddictedToSweat) on facebook?

    • I ‘liked’ the Facebook Fan page too (just in case). Then go to your Twitter account and #AddictedToSweat and put in your favorite lyrics from one of her songs.