Michelle Obama Arms, 6-Pack Abs, Goodbye Google Reader. It’s Friday. I’m In [Link] Love.

It’s Friday and time for a little link love.  Here we go with the best of the best in health and fitness (and more) from the past week with links you’ll love.

It's Friday, I'm In Love.

It’s Friday, I’m In Love.

How To Get Michelle Obama Arms –   Spring is here which means summer – aka tank top season – is not far behind.  Are your arms ready?  Fitness Magazine provides the absolute best exercises to do to get tank-top ready arms.  Check out the exercises that you can do at home:  How To Get Michelle Obama Arms.

Six Pack Ab Workout – If you need a six pack to go with the trimmed and toned arms, join the “30 Day 6 Pack Abs” program at Lionsgate’s Be Fit You Tube channel.  The program is an intense mix of cardio and strength training workouts to sculpt your abs and strengthen your core.  You’ll follow a calendar and do a different program everyday with each workout lasting anywhere from 10 – 20 minutes.  Check out 6 Pack Abs here: 30 Day 6 Pack Abs.

Impress Your Guests With This Salad – If you’ve having guests for brunch or dinner, or need a new idea for a salad for Easter dinner, here’s a gorgeous early spring salad from Former Chef.com.  You’ll see from the pictures at the site that

presentation is everything so you won’t want to rush through the preparation of this luscious looking salad.  Early Spring Salad With Fennel, Watercress and Pomegranate.

Are You Stalled By Procrastination? – Do you have something that you’ve been putting off doing?  Whether it’s getting back to the gym or cleaning out a closet, there’s probably a reason you’re having trouble getting started.  Maybe procrastination is a chronic problem for you or revolves around a certain task.  Here’s an article from Pick the Brain that will get you motivated so you can quit putting off those dreaded tasks:   8 Steps To Breaking Your Procrastination Habit

Author Jillian Michaels Has Written Lifestyle BookSlim for Life by Jillian Michaels provides a no-nonsense plan for battling weight as only Jillian can do.  Jillian hasn’t always been a celebrity personal trainer and has had her own struggles with body image. This book employs all she’s learned about diet, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. You can purchase Slim For Life for $10.75 at Amazon.com.

Skip The Peeps, Please – Second only to Halloween, the candy that lines the shelves around Easter is a mixture of bad, really bad, and really, really bad-for-you stuff.  Here’s the skinny on the most popular Easter candies.  From Peeps to Cadbury Eggs, you’ll get the good, the bad, and the ugly with calorie counts on the most popular items. Easter Candy: The Best and Worst For Your Waistline.

Google Reader Is On The Way Out – You’ve probably heard that on July 1st, Google will be shutting down Google Reader.  Why should you care?  If you have used Google Reader’s RSS to subscribe to web sites and blogs (like this one) you will no longer be getting those updates after May 31 unless you switch to another provider.  Lifehacker provides several good alternatives to Google Reader:  Google Reader Is Shutting Down. Here Are The Best Alternatives.

Happy Friday.  I hope you loved the links.

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