Never Let Your Fear Grow Bigger Than Your Faith

“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” – Mary Manin Morrissey

The Word Faith

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If you roll the word over your tongue a few times you begin to realize how powerful of a word it is. Most of us have faith in something.

Many people have faith in a higher power or religious doctrine.


Dogs have faith in their owners.

Man's Best Friend

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Children have faith in their parents.

Mother Holding Child's Hand

Wives in their husbands. Husbands in their wives.

Still holding hands

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Having faith in others or a deity is good, but the person you need to have unwavering faith in is you. Only when you have faith in yourself will you be able to reach your goals.

Practicing faith is different than being a positive thinker.  It is deeper.  Having self-faith means that you make choices and base decisions on your own knowledge and your intuition and you don’t second guess that decision if someone else expresses doubt.

It’s having a deep seated belief that things will work out.


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What does having faith in your own abilities have to do with living a healthy life?


Developing the faith necessary to achieve the success you’re looking for in life starts with awareness that can be found in daily affirmations.

Do you have faith?  If you’re looking to develop faith in your own abilities, some daily affirmations may help. I’ve started a Pinterest board called ‘Faith’.

Faith & Fears

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