Oven Roasted Tomato Recipe

There is not a lot that can compare to a home grown tomato.  They are firm, sweet, juicy and loaded with antioxidants.

Home Grown Tomatoes


There are hundreds of different tomato varieties.  The beautiful garden tomatoes in this picture are larger than a cherry tomato and are one of my favorites.

Tomatoes are known for their antioxidant content, and research shows that they are good for heart health, help total cholesterol and triglycerides, and prevent unwanted clumping together of blood platelet cells.

Tomatoes are abundant in Vitamins C, A, K, as well as potassium, manganese, fiber and vitamin B6. According to WH Foods, tomatoes are ‘off the chart’ when it comes to phytonutrients.

Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

There are hundreds of ways to prepare tomatoes, but one of my favorites is this very simple slow-roasted tomato recipe. The only ingredients you need are fresh whole tomatoes, olive oil, salt and a pinch of sugar.

Start with a bowl of fresh, ripe tomatoes of a color and variety of your choice. Wash and cut in half. Place in a large bowl and toss with a tablespoon of olive oil.  I used an olive oil infused with basil. Sprinkle with salt and a pinch of sugar.

Tomatoes smothered in olive oil

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Place the tomatoes basted in olive oil on a cookie sheet and put in the oven for two hours.

Tomatoes ready for the oven.

Tomatoes ready for the oven.

After two hours of slow-roasting, take the tomatoes out of the oven and eat as a side dish or snack. They are delicious in pasta salad and can be gently pureed and used as a sauce.

Beautiful Slow Roasted Tomatoes

These roasted tomatoes are super easy and delicious. If you don’t have home-grown tomatoes, you’ll find plenty of choices at your local farmer’s market or market at this time of year.

What’s your favorite tomato recipe?

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