Rev Up Your Metabolism With the New Be Fit 30 Minute Gym Circuit Workout

The latest is the series of the Be Fit GO series is the 30 Minute Gym Circuit Workout, an explosive, total-body circuit workout that combines cardio, weight training and plyometric moves.  This 30 minute workout is designed to build strength and endurance, burn fat and engage all of the major muscle groups.

Be Fit In 30

Circuit training is an effective and quick way to fit your workout into a busy day. It provides a high intensity cardio workout, combined with weight and resistance training to target fat loss and lean muscle building.

A circuit is comprised of a series of exercises, also known as “stations,” to be performed in succession of each other to keep your body moving, and keep you interested in exercising. Circuit training stations are generally sequenced in a way to alternate between muscle groups, allowing them to recover while you move onto another exercise.

There are some challenging moves in this workout so feel free to modify as needed.  Here are some examples of possible modifications:

  • Man Makers at 9:40 – eliminate the push-up, and only do one row before coming back up.  This slows the exercise down to where it is more doable.
  • Plank Ab Raises at 12:39 – drop one knee to the floor and lift the opposite arm.  Change sides.
  • Wide Mountain Climbers at 24:37 – This is a tough move but if you limit the range of motion and bring the legs straight up under the chest to start with you can still get the job done.

There is a lot of variety in this 30 minute workout.  Make sure you grab some water during the 30 second rest periods and as always, work at your own pace and take a break when you need one.

You can access the workout from your Smartphone, iPhone, iPad or computer here. Lionsgate’s Be Fit channel offers an abundance of challenging workouts that you can do anywhere.  The best part?  They’re free!

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