Six Apps That Will Help You Beat The Treadmill Blues

For those of us that live in the midwest or farther north, our running workouts have been moved indoors. At least temporarily.  Running indoors on a treadmill when you’re used to being outside on pavement or trails has its own set of challenges.  The primary one is boredom.

Last Tuesday, for the first time this winter, I did my training run on the treadmill.  Where I live it has been bitterly cold in the early mornings and last week the sidewalks were covered with patchy ice.  So indoors I went.  I had my favorite playlist, so the music helped me pass the time, but for some reason the workout seemed unbearably long. Trying to convince myself to stay on the treadmill become my main focus.

Apps that make indoor treadmill running bearable.

Apps that make indoor treadmill running bearable.

Creative Apps To Keep You Motivated On The Treadmill

There are some creative apps that you can download to your phone or iPad that will keep you on track with your running program and help you conquer even the worst case of the winter dreadmill blues.

Six of the most popular are:

BeatBurn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer – This app is for people (like me) that love to run to music.  When I’m on the treadmill running and have my ear buds in I naturally want to keep pace with the music.  Sometime that throws me off if a song is too fast or slow.  The BeatBurn app syncs your music to match your pace.  If you’re bored with your music and need something different to move to, this app includes a library of high energy music for you to try. Cost – $3.99

FunRun Trainer – You can run anywhere in the world – virtually of course – with this app.  Pick a park, beach, or famous street to run on and the FunRun Trainer, along with a moving satellite map, will track your progress.  You can participate in events like the New York or Boston Marathon from your own treadmill and zoom in on streets and scenery while you run.  Creating your own course is also an option.  This app can be used on an elliptical or bike so cross-training is easy to do.  Cost – $3.99

Zombies, run – Everybody runs faster if they have Zombies chasing them!  Zombies, run provides the motivation to do the dreaded interval training and speed drills that we all need to do when we’re training for a race.  Once you start the program and begin running you will receive alerts that tell you the Zombies are close and you need to run. Fast. With 33 missions and 45 runs it as much of a gaming app as it is a running one.  The bonus is while you’re having fun avoiding the Zombies you’re becoming a better runner.  Cost – $3.99

Run Coach Pro – This app helps you reach your goal of running a 5K, half or full marathon on your schedule. Run Coach is designed by Olympians and professional runners and provides you with a personalized training plan that is goal oriented, flexible, and provides feedback and nutritional tips. Run Coach is powered by MapMyRun and provides full GPS tracking, and a music playlist.  This is an excellent motivation tool for beginning to intermediate runners that need a personal touch. Cost – $5.99

Barefoot Running Coach – If you’re wanting to break free of your shoes and experiment with barefoot running, this app is designed to help runners of all ages discover the joy of movement and prevent injury.  You can use the Barefoot Running Coach indoors this winter and go from an unskilled barefoot runner to a skilled and injury free barefoot runner and be ready for rougher, outdoor terrain by spring. Cost – $1.99

Pumping Weight – Every good runner knows they need to have strong skeletal muscles and core if they are going to compete at optimal pace.  Once you’ve finished your run and move  over to the pumping iron section of the gym, the Pumping Weight app will track your workouts, including rest periods.  This app includes illustrations for over 200 exercises, tracks body weight measurements, body fat and BMI.  If you love to run but aren’t crazy about pushing the weights around, this will help motivate and track your progress.

Before you know it winter will be over.  The key to survival is to maintain a level of consistency and intensity to your indoor winter workouts so that when spring comes and you’re back outdoors you don’t feel like you’re starting over.

What’s you favorite running or workout app?  Please, be social!  Share!

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    I’ve just developed an app called ‘Active Goals’ that’s designed to keep you running by setting personal goals. I wrote it specifically to help me stay motivated. It’s great for logging both treadmill and outdoor runs. The app is really easy to use; any runs you log can count towards a goal (e.g. “run 30 miles this week”, or “complete 5 runs over the next 10 days, each with a pace better than 9:00 /mile”. It’s $1.99 on the app store and hopefully you’ll find it interesting.
    Please send me an email and I can send you more info.

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