Some Of The Best Workouts Are Only A Mouse Click Away.

On days you can’t get to the gym or outside for a walk or run because your schedule has been derailed by travelling, a sick baby, or bad weather, having some good alternatives is the key to staying on track with your fitness goals.  And, unlike owning a library of workout DVDs ( which, of course, is another great option) these sites provide new workouts for you to try every week so you never get bored.

The on-line options for fitness classes continue to grow and many are getting creative at providing choices for access that include pay-per-view, a monthly subscription, or free workouts with some restrictions.

Every couple of months I do a new search to find what on-line at-home workout programs are available that I haven’t covered before.  Here’s my latest list:

Some of the best workouts are only a mouse click away.

Some of the best workouts are only a mouse click away.

Yoga Today Practice for LifeYoga Today is a great resource for yoga junkies.  Classes are taught by six instructors that offer an array of disciplines including Hatha, Anusara, and Vinyasa Flow. Classes are also available for expectant moms.   If you want to experience all of the classes you’ll need to purchase a subscription for $9.99 a month.  Some other opportunities are available including a free weekly class, and an option to download individual classes for $2.99.

Daily Burn – The gym comes to you when you subscribe to the Daily Burn.  You choose from a variety of works that include dance, bodyweight workouts, high intensity training, yoga and kettleballs.  The classes are led by a team of experienced, certified fitness instructors.  The cost is only $10 a month which is less than a gym membership and you can do the classes on your schedule.  Try out the Daily Burn with a 30 day free trial offer.

Real Hollywood Trainer – Hollywood trainer, Dulcinea Lee Hellings offers a free weekly 40 minute workout and a 20 minute health chat session to help you achieve your workout goals.  Donations are appreciated.   If you want to do more than one workout a week there are at least 80 free archived workouts to  choose from.  The Real Hollywood Trainer workouts air on YouTube on Tuesday evening.  For a small fee Dulcie will create a personalized 30, 60 or 90 day workout program for you from the past episode video catalog.

Physique 57Physique 57 brings the internationally renowned fitness studio workouts to you on-line and allows you to select the workouts you want to do when you want to do them.  This site offers a pay-per-view option that requires no monthly fee. The beauty in this is you’re not paying for a monthly subscription that you may not regularly use.  With pay-per-view you can use the Physique 57 workouts to supplement what you’re already doing.  Workouts are based on the popular Barre method.  For many of the workouts you will need an exercise ball. – has an entire library of short instructional videos.  Most are only about three minutes in length and will teach you how to do a particular exercise or use a piece of equipment. Upper body, lower body, high intensity cardio, and core exercises are part of the library. also has a weight loss community tab, recipes, and support groups and forums which is a nice touch and allows you to connect with other people if you are trying to lose a few pounds.

Blogilates – Cassey Ho, Pilates and fitness instructor is the creator of the Original POP Pilates.  Blogilates has tons of challenging workouts of varying lengths and Cassey has enthusiasm that is contagious.  She has a web site of the same name ( and was named the Best Healthy Living Blogger of 2012 by Fitness Magazine.  The video below is energetic Cassey doing a warm-up that she recommends you do before her workouts.

Over To You

I admit that searching for on-line work-out and seeing what some of the top-of-the-line fitness professionals are coming up with that’s new and different is one of my favorite past times.

What’s your favorite on-line workout destination?  Be Social! Share!