The Eight Habits of Ultra-Fit People

The Huffington Post recently came out with a list of the Eight Habits of Insanely Fit People.  I’m not sure that I agree with the list.  Although some of the habits they list are good ones to have, I doubt that they will make you ‘insanely’ fit.  More fit?  Maybe.  Healthier?  Yes. ‘Insanely’ fit?  Probably not.

Here’s the Huff Post List from the article, 8 Habits of Insanely Fit People:

1.  Don’t Count Calories
2.  Find A Way To Enjoy Exercise
3.  Don’t Compare Their Bodies To Other People’s Bodies
4.  Make Fitness A Priority
5.  Eat Breakfast
6.  Find and Appreciate Support
7.  Get Enough Sleep
8. Cheat [on their diets]

The people that I would consider insanely fit might do some or all of these things, but there’s more to being insanely fit than what is on this list.

Tony Horton 2

Tony Horton demonstrating a lunge for Navy recruits.

The Highly Effective Habits of Insanely Fit People

Here’s my list of the eight habits of insanely fit people.

Insanely Fit People . . . . . .

1. Possess A Competitive Spirit – I don’t know a single really fit person that isn’t insanely competitive.  Some claim to only be competing with themselves, but I’m guessing they are competing with those around them as well.  Fit people are highly motivated and their competitive spirit is what drives them.  And most of them don’t have any problem comparing their bodies to other people’s bodies.

2. Have A High Threshold For Pain – I had a conversation with an ultra-runner that routinely does very well in competitive races. Like many ultra-runners he’s had his share of injuries.  I asked him what sets him apart from the other runners that put miles in but never make it to the top of their age bracket.  His answer:  If you’re going to win you have to have a high threshold for pain.  By that, he simply means, that you keep going when everyone else slows down or stops.

3. Make Their Workouts A Top Priority – In the world of wellness coaching and fitness instruction, we hear a lot excuses about missed workouts.  A lot of folks are too busy, too tired, too stressed, etc.  An insanely fit person doesn’t let lack of time, bad weather, a bad day, or being tired get in the way of their workout.  Their workout is a priority and they aren’t afraid to let the people around them know that.

4. Are Strict About Their Diets – Insanely fit people don’t eat foods that are high in fat, sugar, sodium, or preservatives.  They see foods as fuel and are knowledgeable about which ones provide energy and which ones make them sluggish and therefore less competitive.  They make their food choices accordingly.  And some fit people do count calories to make sure they’re getting enough to fuel their workouts.

5. Have An Insanely Fit Mentor – Really fit people are following the tweets and Facebook fan pages of the world-class athletes that they admire.  They are reading their hero’s books, keeping an eye on their competitions, and taking notes when they give advice, all in an attempt to align their own practices with their role models.  Remember the “I Want To Be Like Mike” Gatorade commercial when Michael Jordan was in his heyday? Insanely fit people have a ‘Mike’ that they want to be like too.

6. Get Up When Everyone Else Is Sleeping – Insanely fit people are up before dawn working out, planning their day, and reading the tweets of their mentors. That doesn’t mean that sleep isn’t a priority.  It just means they can’t recite the jokes from last night’s Jimmy Fallon monologue.

7. Don’t Let Failure Shake Them – One thing that I’ve noticed about insanely fit people is that they don’t take failure lightly at all.  In fact failure rocks their world.  But they always bounce back and when they do it’s with a new fierceness that guarantees them that next time they will conquer.

8. Set The Bar Higher – Insanely fit people set the bar higher than the rest of us and then keep moving it up.  When I saw the Huff Post headline about insanely fit people, the person that immediately came to my mind wasn’t mentioned. For me, Tony Horton is insanely fit.  Tony set the bar high in the original P90X workout and introduced an entirely new way of training to the world of fitness .  The follow-up program, P90X2, takes what we saw in the original to the next level.  As insanely fit Jillian would say, “This isn’t your mother’s work out.” Tony Horton isn’t your average fit person.  He’s insanely fit.

Over To You

What do you think of my list? What characteristics do the insanely fit people in your world possess?

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