Top Ten Web Sites For Healthy Recipes.

This week one of my goals for our nutrition campaign at work was to provide employees with a list of web sites and blogs that have healthy recipes.  There are so many it’s hard to limit it to a top ten list, but that’s what I’ve tried to do.  You’ll know once you check out the list that I go for easy-to-follow recipes that have ingredients I can pronounce and find at the local supermarket.

To be honest, some recipe web sites are too highbrow for me.  If there are three or four ingredients that I have to look up just to find out what they are and numerous steps to one recipe I’ll usually hit the back button so I can continue searching for something that works with the time that I have to spend in the kitchen.  I’m a lot like you.  I don’t have much time.

Garlic press

So here are my top 10 favorite healthy recipe web sites.  Please feel free to add your favorite in the comment box with the link.  Don’t be shy.  If you have a healthy recipe site, go ahead and throw it in there so we can check out your site.

  1. Snack – Lisa delves into the foods that give many of us the most trouble.  Snacks.  The Snack Girl web site is full of healthy, easy to prepare snacks that you can enjoy guilt-free. Lisa admits she’s trying to win her battle with donuts and thinks the best foods come without any packaging.  Fruits, are one example.
  2. – Gina over at Skinnytaste has tons of lightened-up, full-flavored recipes.  This is my go-to-first web site when I’m looking for a new easy, healthy recipe.  As a bonus, she supplies Weight Watchers points for all recipes.  Her love for photography compliments the recipes she presents on the blog.  It is filled with beautiful pictures of all of the dishes she prepares.
  3. Eat Yourself Skinny – Kelly describes herself as a 20-something foodie with a passion for cooking and a desire to make being healthy fun!  She’s creative in finding ways to shave calories off of popular dishes, like this delicious Broccoli Grape Harvest Salad which happens to be one of my favorite Eat Yourself Skinny recipes.
  1. Chocolate Covered Katie – If you’re planning the company carry-in put Snack Girl Lisa in charge of snacks and have Katie bring the desserts.  If you love dessert but hate the guilt that goes with them check out Chocolate Covered Katie.  The blog does all things desserts:  Pies, cakes, brownies, puddings, ice cream, and drinks.  There are a few non-dessert sections that focus on healthy meal and breakfast ideas. If you’re looking for a dessert won’t blow your entire calorie budget Chocolate Covered Kate is the place to look.
  2. Healthy. Happy. Life.  – Kathy’s  100% vegan recipe blog is as much about the pictures as it is the recipes and it’s a combination that works.  There’s so much visual appeal at this site you could spend the better part of day browsing the recipes at Healthy. Happy. Life. Because the site is well-organized you won’t have trouble finding what you’re looking for.Assorted basil herbs
  3. Running To The Kitchen – This is another gorgeous food blog loaded with delicious looking pictures.  When I visit blogs like Running To The Kitchen I am in complete admiration of the design, layout and pictures.  Plus the recipes are deliciously healthy and not too complex.  Gina’s  About page is an inspiration to read and tells the story of how she came to be the author of this inspiring site.
  4. 100 Days of Real Food – If you follow my blog you know I’m a 100 Days of Real Food fan because I’m crazy about the 10 Days of Real Food Challenge.  Beyond that, the site has tons of recipes that meet my criteria: the finished product looks beautiful and delicious but the recipes are simple enough that even I can follow them.  And, as I’m sure you guessed, none of the recipes call for any processed foods.
  5. Super Healthy Kids – It’s not easy getting kids to eat right.  If you’re ready to ditch the Kraft macaroni and cheese with a side of hot dogs for healthier fare, check out the recipes at Super Healthy Kids .  Beyond recipes, there are other resources at this site that will help you teach your children about nutrition and the benefits of eating healthy foods.  A must-bookmark-site for parents and teachers.
  6. The Fit Cook – Fit Cook blogger Luisana Suegart shares her fast, fresh and accessible recipes – all with an elegant twist. At one time Luisana was the queen of the drive-through until she realized the toll it was taking on her health.  At that point she became determined to eat better, make time for exercise and live a healthier life.  A by-product of those decisions is the Fit Cook web site that has oodles of easy-to-follow, elegant recipes.
  7. Skinny Kitchen – Nancy Fox is the creator of Skinny  Nancy was at one time the owner of a successful restaurant in Encino, CA called Nancy’s Healthy Kitchen.   The restaurant was named “Best Health Food Restaurant” by Los Angeles magazine and was featured in numerous national magazines such as Shape and In Style.  Skinny Kitchen is full of skinny recipes for every occasion.  If you’re looking for a place to get started, the Fabulous, Skinny Tamale Pie is delicious!

These are 10 of my favorites healthy foodie web site.  I’m sure there are ten more that are just as fun to browse.  Do you have a go-to web site when you’re looking for something new and healthy to cook?

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I love so many of the sites you have listed too 🙂

    • You’re welcome. I just recently found your site and love it! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Wow…Thank you so much for including me in your Top Ten Web Sites for Healthy Recipes! I’m so flattered. You do a terrific job on your site! With my very best wishes, Nancy