What If Fitness Professionals Stopped Promising Weight Loss?

Today I would like to give a big shout out to Isabel Foxen Duke, certified health coach and emotional eating expert and author of the article “If I Don’t Sell You Weight Loss, I Won’t Make Any Money”.

Isabel’s article, “If I Don’t Sell You Weight Loss” that she wrote for Huffington Post addresses what many wellness experts believe.  Wellness coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructor, and maybe even nutritionists, are afraid that if you can’t promise someone that you can make them thin, they probably won’t be very interested in your services.

But, Isabel decides to take a risk by telling people the truth.  The truth is that people want something more than being thin.

Weight Loss Schedule

There has to be more to it than this. (Flickr photo by UrbaneWomenMa)

From there she lists 15 things that she wants her clients to know.  For example, “I don’t really want to make you thin. . . . I want to help you fix your relationship with food.”  And, “I want you to cry when you’re upset, rather than diet or binge-eat.”

Here’s a couple more:  “I want you to Google sentences that don’t include the words “Paleo” or “cleanse”.  And, finally my favorite, “I want you to feel like you can eat a cookie without falling off the wagon and into a whole box.”

I want what Isabel wants.  And I’m willing to take a risk and bet that there are plenty of other wellness professionals out there that want it too.  We want people to have a health-centered approach to life and stop worrying about the number on the scale.

A health centered approach to life doesn’t mean you ignore your weight, chuck your healthy eating and portion control habits out the window, or give up exercise.  Rather, it means that you embrace the six dimensions of wellness and focus on a number of things that, when interconnected, will make you feel healthy, energetic, and whole.

Embracing The Six Dimensions of Wellness

The Six Dimension of Wellness were created by Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institue (NWI).  The NWI defines wellness as: The active process through which people become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful existence.

The six dimensions of wellness model is based on the following:

1.  Occupational – The enrichment of life through work, and its interconnectedness to living and playing.

2.  Emotional – Self esteem, self-control, and determination as a sense of direction.

3.  Physical – The benefits of regular physical activity, healthy eating habits, strength and vitality as well as personal responsibility, self-care and when to seek medical attention.

4.  Intellectual – Creative and stimulating mental activities, and sharing your gifts with other.

5.  Social – How a personal contributes to their environment and community, and how to build better living space and social networks.

6.  Spiritual – The development of belief systems, values, and creating a world-view.

By applying the six dimensions a person becomes aware of the interconnectedness of each dimension and they how they contribute to healthy living.

What Else Do You Want?

Are you struggling with the ups and downs of dieting?  Do you obsess about your weight and how you feel you look to yourself and the world even when you’re at your goal weight?  Of maybe you beat yourself over eating that cookie and end up falling into the bag.

Living well, being healthy, and embracing a holistic health-centered approach to life goes way beyond the number on the scale.  To take the first step you must face the truth that you really do want more – a lot more – than being thin.

You want to have a healthy relationship with food.  You want to go out to eat without experiencing a mild panic attack over what’s on the menu.  You want to be able to enjoy the holidays without counting every calorie. You want to live your life minus the yo-yo diets, weight-loss supplements, food obsessions, and binges.

Thank you Isabel for saying so well what many fitness professional have been thinking.  We may not be able to make you thin.  But, give us time, and we’ll make you healthy and whole.  You can read Isabel’s article here: If I Don’t Sell You Weight Loss, I Won’t Make Any Money.

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