Work Out Smarter, Not Longer.

Why spend an hour or more exercising when studies have shown that short, more intense workouts can be just as effective?

Check out the new 10 minute sexy arm workout from Lionsgate’s Be Fit channel that focuses specifically on fat burning and upper body toning:

You Can Get Results With Shorter Workouts

This 10 minute on-the-go workout is all about burning fat while developing muscle strength in the arms, chest, shoulders and abs.  The Beach Body 10 Minute Home Exercise Routine: Sexy Arms blends Yoga, Pilates and plyometric body weight exercises that will help you re-shape your body.

Use Sexy Arms as a stand-alone 10 minute workout, or pair it with another 10 or 15 minute workout (like the one below) for a total body program.

Lionsgate offers a variety of workout genres that encompass all fitness levels. From power sculpt to hip hop dance and Yoga, there’s something for everyone. And the best part is they are all free and can are available to you anywhere you have access to YouTube.

To see all of the options that Be Fit offers go to:

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