Workout Music To Get You and Keep You Motivated

Music.  Who can work out without it?  It is the secret sauce to staying motivated which means we’re always looking for new music to fuel our workouts.

Did you know that there are web sites that supply an almost unlimited supply of workout music that you can download or stream?  Some are free; others charge a minimal monthly fee.

1.  Pod Runner – The free version allows you to download, sort, search and play mixes from  The paid version adds ‘beat shift’ that allows you to play any mix at a selected speed.  The archives has a variety of fixed speed mixes ranging from 125 beats per minute (BPM) to 185 BPMs and varied speed mixes from 130 to 175 BPMs.

Pod Runner is the creation of Steve Boyett, a Disc Jockey that’s played Hollywood and Vegas clubs. He bring the club’s house music to you with these dance beat selections.

Flickr photo by caitysparkles

Flickr photo by caitysparkles

2.  Motion Traxx – The workout music mixes at Motion Traxx, designed by a fitness music expert, deliver maximum motivation and enhanced performance for runners and exercisers.  There are over 100 free tracks to choose from.  In addition to the freebies, there are premium mixes that feature coaching from elite fitness instructors.  Plus you’ll find several categories of mixes including treadmill, half marathon, interval training, walking.

The site was created by Deekron, also known as the Fitness DJ who is a life-long athlete.  Deekron has created music for leading fitness brands including Gatorade and Asics and has been sought out by fitness icons the likes of Patrick Goudeau, Petra Kolber and Amy Dixon to provide them with music for their classes. Listen to clips before you download at Motion

3.  Fit Radio – Fit Radio creates workout music that can be downloaded or streamed through a variety of platforms.  All of FitRadio’s music maintains a consistent BPM to keep the energy of the music up. FitRadio was created by Russell Greene, who has a background in exercise physiology and has worked in the nightclub industry for a number of years. His goal was to get the heart pumping music played in nightclubs into people’s hands to motivate them to work out.

You can download Fit Radio on the Android or iOS and get 16 hours of free music.  After that there is a fee of $2.99 per month to continue with full access to the application. Need some motivation?  Just watch Fit Radio’s workout on demand music commercial.


4.  Gym DJ – At Gym DJ you’ll find new workout music with an iTunes download link, thirty to sixty minute workouts mixes, and free workout songs and mixes.  The mixes are set to specific beats per minute so you can choose the speed that’s right for the workout you’re doing.  You will find some top 40 songs on these playlists and all are licensed under a Creative Commons license.

The mixes are created by Jonathan, a DJ, who records the music himself on turntables.  When you ‘like’ Gym DJ on Fracebook you get a free workout mix.

5.  Shape – Each month puts out a free downloadable playlist.  The set includes five or  six top 40 songs remixed by Workout  Unlike most of the DJ mixes, these are songs you’ll know by heart because you’ve heard them on the radio but they’re remixed with a stronger beat and pace set to a specific BPM.

To download the mixes from Shape, go to the web site and enter your e-mail address.  You can download the playlist to iTunes or a zip file.

I’ve been listening to to the music streams from these sites at work and picking my favorites to download to my playlists.  It not only gives me new music to workout to, it keeps me entertained during the day.

What’s your favorite site for workout music?

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  1. So awesome how you mentioned Motion Traxx! Deekron, who is the fitness DJ, uses a special mixing technique called Action Sync which specializes music just for people that need motivation to workout. It helped me out a lot to just keep going and have fun at the same time. That’s because Motion Traxx has a unique style and power with their music . I highly recommend everyone to check out their free podcasts!

    • I’m glad you like it. I’ve listened to some of the mixes and thought they were really good too. Thanks for the comment!!