Your Brain on Pot, Icky Egg Whites, and A Summer Drink Quiz. It’s Friday. I’m In [Link] Love.

It’s Friday.  My favorite day of the week and I have links to share.  Everything from a virtual running club you can join to a quiz where you can test your knowledge of the calories in some of your favorite summer drinks.

It’s Friday.  I’m in [Link] Love!


Fitness Friday Presents The Numbers Game – Are you obsessed with numbers like how many calories you’ve burned, how much weight you can bench press, and how fast the mile was that you just ran?  The big question is how does knowing all of that affect your overall performance? Jesse Holland has some good advice for number crunchers.  Read the full story here.

Need Running Motivation? Join the Rise and Run Virtual Running Club – The Rise and Run Club is for anyone who is committed to running first thing in the morning before the rest of the day begins.  If you like to run early, but could use some support, click here to join the Rise and Run Virtual Running Club.

Highest Calorie Summer Drinks from Your Favorite Spots – If you find refreshing summer drinks irresistible, take this quiz to find out where your favorites come in calorie-wise. Warning: You may be looking for some alternatives. Find your drink here.

Walk Away Vs. Walk It Off: Exercise Cost – Once you’ve taken the summer drinks calorie quiz you can find out how long you’ll have to exercise to work off the extra calories you consumed in your selection.  One nutritionist thinks if you know what you’re in for you’ll make better choices. The full article is here.

Study Shocker: Potheads May Not Be Motivated to Work – This doesn’t come as a shock to me but it has been getting a lot of media attention so I thought I would share.  Apparently pot smoking does a number on the dopamine centers of our brains and the chillaxin’ mood that takes over when we smoke may be long term. Details here.

6 Weight Loss Myths Debunked – There is a ton of information to wade through when it comes to effective weight loss strategies.  Here you’ll find six weight loss tactics that turn out to be myths.

What’s In Your Egg White Sandwich Might Scare You – The egg whites found in some food chain’s ‘healthy’ breakfast entrees have more ingredients than when they came out of the chicken.  Sometimes 15 more.  That IS scary!  Click here for the full story.

Study: Diet Soda Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight – At one time we believed that if we cut sugar-loaded soda out of our diet and the drank version diet instead it was a guarantee that we would shed pounds.  Not true says a recent study from Purdue University.  Read about this weight loss myth in detail here.

Developers Creating Apps To Treat Mental Health Issues – A Dorchester woman has created a simple, free Web game called “Depression Quest” that seeks to help people with depression and anxiety.  The game shows helpful options for dealing with depression.  It isn’t intended to replace professional treatment but rather to provide an additional layer of support. Check out the story here.

I hope you love the links too.  Happy Friday!

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