Summer Arm Challenge, Fitstagrammies, and Free At-Home Workouts. It’s Friday. I’m In [Link] Love.

I ran across a few health and fitness links this week that I couldn’t resist sharing. Winter can be a tough time of year to stay on top of of your fitness goals, but the links below will help.

Happy Friday to everyone! It’s Friday and I’m in [link] love!


Summer Arm Challenge from – It’s not too soon to think about how your arms will look in tank tops, spaghetti straps and even strapless summer wear.  This seven day challenge will get you started on toning and strengthening your arms so that they look great in anything you wear. Of course once you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll need to keep doing the exercises on a regular basis.  Better yet, add some weight and extra reps and you’ll be really summer ready! Check it out here.

The Fitstagrammies: 25 from Life by Daily – There are a lot of motivational and inspirational pictures being shared and re-shared on Instagram.  The Daily Burn picked their 25 favorite accounts with links so you can easily find them.  One question.  How in the world does Camille Brown @camille4wildcat do that? The Daily Burn pics are here.

Your Problem Isn’t Motivation by Peter Bregman – A co-worker that I’ve been working with to help her find an exercise program that she enjoys and will stick with sent me this article. Peter Bergman has some good points about how efforts at self-motivation can backfire and have the opposite result along with some tips to help.  If you find the energy and inspiration you had on New Year’s Day has already started to dim, this article can help.

Football Food Makeovers – You don’t have to eat foods that are loaded with bad fats, sodium and sugar on Super Bowl Sunday.  Whether you’re having a party, or need a dish to take to where you’re going, here are 36 healthy ideas for you from Whole  And, they all look delicious. You’ll find the recipes here.

Melissa Bender Workouts on YouTube –  I seem to always be scouring YouTube for new workout programs and ideas so I have no clue why it took me this long to discover Melissa Bender.  Melissa Bender is an occupational therapist that that has a passion for fitness.  Melissa is a runner, yoga instructor and the creator of numerous workouts that you can find on her YouTube channel.  I grabbed a screen shot (below) of the one of the core moves from one of Melissa’s Full Body Cardio workouts. I tried it out on my class on Wednesday. It was crazy hard.  The goal was to do 12 reps per side.  I think I made it to 10.

Melissa Bender

The side plank oblique crunch from Melissa. Very challenging!

Six Apps That Will Help You Beat The Treadmill Blues – This is a link back to an article I wrote last year at this time when I realized that many people were having to give up outdoor running for what many of us refer to as ‘dreadmill’ workouts.  These apps will help you survive – and maybe even enjoy – treadmill workouts and you’ll be able to stick with your training program until the snow melts and you can get outside again. Check out the apps here.

That’s my link share for this week.  If you have a link you’d like to share leave it in the comment box below.

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