A Ten Minute HIIT Workout You Can Do At Home.

Tabata and HIIT workouts are here to stay.  Both workouts are based on a brief period of intense exercise followed by an exercise of lower intensity or a rest period.

In the case of HIIT training, the participant does about one minute of a high-intensity cardio exercise, followed by a lower intensity exercise that can be either cardio or strength based.  My favorite form of HIIT training is to do a high intensity cardio exercise (burpees, mountain climbers, power air jacks) followed by a strength training exercise that uses multiple muscle groups (clean and press, split squats with bicep curls, lateral lunges with lateral shoulder raise).  It’s a good way to get a full-body workout in a short amount of time.


Below is a HIIT workout that you can do at home with minimal equipment.  To get the most benefit from the workout you’ll need a set of dumbbells in the five to 10 pound range.

Ten Minute HIIT Workout

Before you begin, do a warm up for about three minutes.  Walk or march in place, or back and forth across the room, while doing arm swings and circles.

Then, complete all of the exercises in the following circuit for one minute.

*Note – the cardio exercises are intense, but they only last one minute.  If they seem hard at first, just know that they will get easier each time you do them.

Cardio One – Mountain Climbers – from a plank position with both hands and toes on the floor, quickly exchange your feet as though you’re running place on your hands for one minute.  If you can’t do a full minute when you start, no worries.  Take a little break and start again when you’re ready.

Mountain Climbers


Strength One – Clean and Press  – With a dumbbell in each hand, squat making sure you push your hips behind your knees.  As you come up from the squat, do a bicep curl with both arms. When you’re back in the standing position, push both arms overhead and do a shoulder press. Return to the squat position and repeat.

(This picture shows doing the clean and press with a kettle ball.  If you have a kettle ball and want to use it, that works. A dumbbell works as well.)

Clean and press

Cardio Two – Plank Jacks – from a plank position with both hands and toes on the floor, do a jumping jack with your feet (hands stay in place) as quickly as you can for one minutes.  As with the mountain climbers, do as many as you can at first, rest, then start jumping again.

Plank Jacks

Strength Two – Stepping Lunge with Bicep Curl – with a dumbbell in each hand alternate stepping feet out to a lunge position while arms do a bicep curl.

Stepping Lunge

Cardio Three – Burpees – you probably remember these from P.E. class in grade school.  Start in a standing position with both arms overhead. Drop both hands to the floor and jump feet back so you’re in a plank position. Jump feet back up to hands and return to starting position.



Strength Three – Lateral Lunch with Shoulder Press – With a dumbbell in each hand, step right leg out to a lateral lunge. As you come back to center, push opposite arm overhead to do a shoulder press. Repeat on left and continue to alternate for one minute.

Lateral Lunge

Cardio  Four- Power Air JacksA basic jumping jack where you get as far off of the ground as you can.  Put some air between your feet and the floor. Add intensity by making big arm circles.

Jumping Jacks

Strength Four – Push Ups – These can be done on your toes or knees.  The goal is to get your chest as close to the floor as possible. Try to keep working for one minute.

Push up

Cardio Five – Football Runs – With feet shoulder width apart, run in place moving your feet as fast as you can.  You can add variety to these by moving forward and back, and side to side, or run with feet wide then close together.

Football Run

Strength Five – Plank – The plank uses nearly every muscle in the body.  Hold the plank for one minute. Make sure you keep your core tight and your hips level with your shoulders and heels. No buns in the air, please.

Elbow Plan

Cool Down – The cool down is similar to the warm up.  Walk around or march in place with arm circles or shoulder rolls until your heart rate comes back down.

HIIT Training Burns Fat and Calories in A Little Bit of Time

Research on HIIT training shows, when done on a regular basis, it is effective in reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease, lowers insulin resistance and improves glucose tolerance which helps prevent type-II diabetes.   HIIT workouts are also good calorie and fat burners and are a great ‘no excuses’ workout because they can be accomplished in as little as ten minutes a day anywhere with little or no equipment.

Let’s HIIT it!!

Images were embedded from Pinterest.  Click on picture to see source. 

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Blog Give Away: Chris Powell’s Extreme Makeover – Bootcamp Workout DVD

Summer is only a few days away and transformation specialist Chris Powell, from ABC’s hit show “Extreme Weight Loss”, is ready to help you get the summer beach body you’ve been dreaming of.

Chris Powell’s Extreme Makover: Weight Loss Edition- Bootcamp workout DVD is available from Lionsgate on June 25, 2013 for $14.98.  But you have a chance to win it here before it ever hits the streets.

Extreme Makeover Bootcamp will help get you moving and start losing with a program for every body and fitness level.

Extreme Makeover Pic

This workout DVD features inspiring past participants from the popular TV show.  The program includes four fat-blasting workouts, each more challenging than the last.  Once viewers have mastered the levels individually, they can utilize bootcamp workout plans to really take it up a notch!

The workout DVD includes:

  • Warm-Up: Set your body in motion and get your heart pumping with Chris’ signature moves designed to limber up for a fun workout.
  • Level 1: Begin your transformation and jump-start your metabolism with easy-to-follow exercises that get every muscle moving to start burning fat and calories.
  • Level 2: Rev up the calorie burn and melt inches with this low-impact interval workout that challenges the body with five total-body exercises repeated in 45-second bursts.
  • Level 3: Up the ante and the fat burn with a calorie-crushing workout that includes five mega moves that shred, sculpt and slim the body with four 20-second blasts each.
  • Level 4: Get extreme results with four-minute circuits of hard-core exercises like Mountain Climbers and Squat Jacks designed to torch calories, obliterate fat and sculpt muscles.
  • Cool Down: Calm your breathing and soothe challenged muscles with complete-body stretches and movements that protect and invigorate your body from head to toe.

Dvd Special Features*

  • Custom Workout Option
  • Music Only Option

How Your Can Enter To Win

Put a comment in the box below this post on or before Friday, June 28, to get your name included in the drawing. It’s that easy!  Be sure and tell you friends and family.

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Rev Up Your Metabolism With the New Be Fit 30 Minute Gym Circuit Workout

The latest is the series of the Be Fit GO series is the 30 Minute Gym Circuit Workout, an explosive, total-body circuit workout that combines cardio, weight training and plyometric moves.  This 30 minute workout is designed to build strength and endurance, burn fat and engage all of the major muscle groups.

Be Fit In 30

Circuit training is an effective and quick way to fit your workout into a busy day. It provides a high intensity cardio workout, combined with weight and resistance training to target fat loss and lean muscle building.

A circuit is comprised of a series of exercises, also known as “stations,” to be performed in succession of each other to keep your body moving, and keep you interested in exercising. Circuit training stations are generally sequenced in a way to alternate between muscle groups, allowing them to recover while you move onto another exercise.

There are some challenging moves in this workout so feel free to modify as needed.  Here are some examples of possible modifications:

  • Man Makers at 9:40 – eliminate the push-up, and only do one row before coming back up.  This slows the exercise down to where it is more doable.
  • Plank Ab Raises at 12:39 – drop one knee to the floor and lift the opposite arm.  Change sides.
  • Wide Mountain Climbers at 24:37 – This is a tough move but if you limit the range of motion and bring the legs straight up under the chest to start with you can still get the job done.

There is a lot of variety in this 30 minute workout.  Make sure you grab some water during the 30 second rest periods and as always, work at your own pace and take a break when you need one.

You can access the workout from your Smartphone, iPhone, iPad or computer here. Lionsgate’s Be Fit channel offers an abundance of challenging workouts that you can do anywhere.  The best part?  They’re free!

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Challenge Yourself With A New 40 Min Total Body Strength Workout

Building strength while elevating the heart rate means you’re burning calories and fat while you increase lean muscle mass.  It’s a win, win.

You can be one of the first to try BeFit’s 40 Minute Total Body Strength Mobile Workout – Circuit 1.  This workout has some challenging moves for lower body, upper body and core minus the intricate footwork some workout programs require you to learn.

Ten minute workouts are excellent and effective when you’re short on time, but sometimes you need a little more.  Now – as we head into the season of bare legs, shoulders and abs – is one of those times.

Be Fit Go

I did this workout this afternoon and loved it.  Especially the core segment at the end.  If you have a five or six pound medicine ball for the core work you’ll see your results sooner.  You’ll also need a set of dumbbells at the weight of your choice for the strength moves.

Why A 40 Minute Total Body Workout?

Here are three reasons, although there are plenty more.

1.  Ideal for Fat Loss – For people looking for fat loss, a full body workout is ideal for losing weight.  By elevating your heart rate while building strength and lean muscle tone, your body will burn a ton of calories. You’ll keep your workouts fresh and motivating by mixing up your routine.

2.  Increased Recovery Rate – By doing a full body workout, you give your muscles maximum recovery time by taking at least one day off between each full body workout. A reason some people do not progress in their workout program is because they aren’t recovering from session to session.

3. Lower Time Commitment  – If you’re too busy to hit the gym four times a week, a full body workout program will be great for your schedule. Since full body workouts can be performed over just two or three days a week, it gives you more time to fulfill your other obligations. Even if it takes slightly longer in the gym to complete, it will save you time on a weekly basis.

For the complete 40 Minute Total Body Strength Workout, click here.

Make sure you subscribe to this site or ‘Like’ my Facebook page so you’ll know about the latest BeFit workouts as they are released.  I’ll be posting a quick review and link to the workouts as they become available.

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Be Fit’s 20 Minute Cardio Power Debuts Monday.

People don’t always have an hour to spend exercising or have access to a gym. You don’t need either with the new 20 Minute Cardio Power program from Liongate’s Be Fit.

On Monday, Lionsgate will be premiering an all-new, BeFit Go video, BeFit Go | 20 Minute Cardio Power.

Be Fit's 20 Minute Cardio Power debuts Monday

Be Fit’s 20 Minute Cardio Power debuts Monday

The 20 Minute Cardio Power workout is an intense, calorie blasting cardio circuit workout that boosts metabolism through a unique combination of exercises that include ski jumps, air squats, and jumping lunges.

Why Cardio Power?

The Cardio Power program will give you results in just 20 minutes a day.

Increased Heart Health

Your heart is a muscle just like any other, it needs to be worked to become strong. By getting the heart pumping at a faster rate on a regular basis you will keep it in shape and healthy.

Increased Metabolism

The more intense your cardio session, the more noticeable increase you will see in your metabolic rate. An increased metabolism means an easier time maintaining your weight, or even losing weight!

A better life!

Performing cardiovascular exercises changes the hormonal profile in your body by releasing “feel good” hormones called endorphins, which block pain and enable you to experience euphoric feelings. People who partake in regular cardio exercise often have a better outlook on life because they’re getting the stress-relief benefits from these hormones.

Be Fit has replaced Exercise TV by offer a variety of challenging workouts from fitness icons like Denise Austin, Jillian Michaels, and Mary Helen Bowers for free!

To start the Cardio Power program and to see the other workouts from Be Fit, click here.

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 I am not an affiliate of Lionsgate Be Fit. 

Bridal Fitness: At-Home Workouts For The Bride To Be (And Everyone Else Too!)

Every bride wants to look toned and fit on their wedding day.  But who has time for bridal boot camp?

If it’s three months before your wedding day you have a ton of stuff to get done.   Most brides continue to work a full-time job and keep up with all of the other chores that go with day-to-day life despite a million last minute wedding details to tend to.

Stress eating combined with a lack of time to work out makes you wonder if you’ll even be able to zip up that wedding dress when the day finally comes. Bridal boot camps are popular, but with everything else there is to do, you may not have the time to commit to that kind of a workout schedule.

Skip the boot camp. Below are links to six 10-minute workouts.  Get in your best shape and look amazing on your wedding day by doing one of these challenging workouts every day – Monday through Saturday – for the 12 weeks leading up to your wedding day.

The workouts alternate cardio with strength, core and toning.  There’s a lot of variety and each one has something a little bit different to offer.

Six 10 Minute Work Outs to Get You Ready For Your Wedding Day

Monday – Total Body Plyo Workout from BeFit in 90 – Doing plyometrics is a good way to increase your heart rate and burn more calories in less time.  This ten minute workout does a series of plyometric exercises that will improve your lower body and core strength and increase your heart rate. In between the cardio segments you’ll do sets of push-ups so your upper body gets a solid workout too.  All of the moves are easy to follow, but you’ll find the intensity challenging. Check out the Plyo Workout here.

Plyo workout

Tuesday – 10-Minite Bikini Tone-Up: Arms and Shoulders from FitSugar – Summer weddings call for strapless dresses. This workout is all about defining the upper back and shoulders to look great in the bare minimum. You’ll need a set of medium weight dumbbells (8 pounds would be perfect).  Doing this 10 minute arm and shoulder workout once or twice a week will give you fabulous arms. Click here for the arm and shoulder workout from FitSugar.

Wednesday – Express Calorie Blaster – 10 Minute Toning & Cardio Workout from Fitness Blender – This is another full body workout that uses high intensity moves to get your heart rate up and keep it there for the full ten minutes.  All of the exercises are demonstrated slowly first, and are then done at tempo for 45 second intervals.  (When you’re doing squat jacks, 45 seconds seems like a very long time.)  It’s easy to follow and there’s no audio so you can play the music you like to work out to. The Fitness Blender calorie blaster workout can be found here.

Thursday –  POP Pilates: Intense Ab Workout! – This is an advanced workout that will tone and tighten your core.  Cassey gives excellent instructions, cues and modifications. None of the moves are fast, but if done correctly and on a regular basis, will give you good results and help you get rid of the muffin top. Check out the POP Pilates You Tube channel here.

Friday – 10-Minute Cardio Quickie Workout With Jessica Smith from FitBottomed Girls – Jessica Smith gets the job done in 10 minutes with this quickie workout.  The time passes quickly while you’re burning fat and calories with cardio lunges and plyometric drills.  Jessica alternates high impact cardio sets with lower impact recovery moves so you work hard, but it’s not impossible to keep up with. Click here for the 10-minute cardio quickie.


Saturday – Cameron Diaz’s 10-Minutes Legs and Glutes Workout – I’ve shared this workout on my Facebook page because it is one of my favorites.  This is a leg and glute workout that Cameron Diaz’s trainer, Teddy Bass, created for her.  Whenever we do these exercise sets in class people come in the next day and tell me how sore their buns are.  It really works!  We add a 6 pound weighted ball to the workout, but it’s not necessary.  It’s totally up to you if you want to add the weight or not.  I guarantee your legs will be talking to you the day after you do this workout. Check out Cameron’s special bun workout here.

Total Body Work Out Plan

These work outs provide a mixture of fat-burning cardio, and muscle building strength exercises to give you a total body workout in short, doable doses.  Even if you’re not getting married this summer you can follow the workout schedule and be in shape for a swimsuit, strapless dress, or short skirt.

For the best results be sure and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains, eliminate processed foods and sugary drinks, and consume at least eight glasses of water a day.

You might also like Seven 10-Minute No Excuses Workouts Reviewed Just For You.

What’s your favorite 10 minute workout?  Be Social! Share!

Some Of The Best Workouts Are Only A Mouse Click Away.

On days you can’t get to the gym or outside for a walk or run because your schedule has been derailed by travelling, a sick baby, or bad weather, having some good alternatives is the key to staying on track with your fitness goals.  And, unlike owning a library of workout DVDs ( which, of course, is another great option) these sites provide new workouts for you to try every week so you never get bored.

The on-line options for fitness classes continue to grow and many are getting creative at providing choices for access that include pay-per-view, a monthly subscription, or free workouts with some restrictions.

Every couple of months I do a new search to find what on-line at-home workout programs are available that I haven’t covered before.  Here’s my latest list:

Some of the best workouts are only a mouse click away.

Some of the best workouts are only a mouse click away.

Yoga Today Practice for LifeYoga Today is a great resource for yoga junkies.  Classes are taught by six instructors that offer an array of disciplines including Hatha, Anusara, and Vinyasa Flow. Classes are also available for expectant moms.   If you want to experience all of the classes you’ll need to purchase a subscription for $9.99 a month.  Some other opportunities are available including a free weekly class, and an option to download individual classes for $2.99.

Daily Burn – The gym comes to you when you subscribe to the Daily Burn.  You choose from a variety of works that include dance, bodyweight workouts, high intensity training, yoga and kettleballs.  The classes are led by a team of experienced, certified fitness instructors.  The cost is only $10 a month which is less than a gym membership and you can do the classes on your schedule.  Try out the Daily Burn with a 30 day free trial offer.

Real Hollywood Trainer – Hollywood trainer, Dulcinea Lee Hellings offers a free weekly 40 minute workout and a 20 minute health chat session to help you achieve your workout goals.  Donations are appreciated.   If you want to do more than one workout a week there are at least 80 free archived workouts to  choose from.  The Real Hollywood Trainer workouts air on YouTube on Tuesday evening.  For a small fee Dulcie will create a personalized 30, 60 or 90 day workout program for you from the past episode video catalog.

Physique 57Physique 57 brings the internationally renowned fitness studio workouts to you on-line and allows you to select the workouts you want to do when you want to do them.  This site offers a pay-per-view option that requires no monthly fee. The beauty in this is you’re not paying for a monthly subscription that you may not regularly use.  With pay-per-view you can use the Physique 57 workouts to supplement what you’re already doing.  Workouts are based on the popular Barre method.  For many of the workouts you will need an exercise ball.

Diet.com – Diet.com has an entire library of short instructional videos.  Most are only about three minutes in length and will teach you how to do a particular exercise or use a piece of equipment. Upper body, lower body, high intensity cardio, and core exercises are part of the library. Diet.com also has a weight loss community tab, recipes, and support groups and forums which is a nice touch and allows you to connect with other people if you are trying to lose a few pounds.

Blogilates – Cassey Ho, Pilates and fitness instructor is the creator of the Original POP Pilates.  Blogilates has tons of challenging workouts of varying lengths and Cassey has enthusiasm that is contagious.  She has a web site of the same name (Blogilates.com) and was named the Best Healthy Living Blogger of 2012 by Fitness Magazine.  The video below is energetic Cassey doing a warm-up that she recommends you do before her workouts.

Over To You

I admit that searching for on-line work-out and seeing what some of the top-of-the-line fitness professionals are coming up with that’s new and different is one of my favorite past times.

What’s your favorite on-line workout destination?  Be Social! Share!


The Five Yoga Poses You Should Be Doing Everyday

Let’s face it.  Most of us aren’t working on balance and flexibility. At least not like we should be.  Our focus is on the workout. Whether it’s running, CrossFit, HIIT, or spin class, you put your attention on the fat burning part of the program.

Maybe you do a few stretches when you’re done if you have time. Or, like many of the participants that come to the fitness classes I teach, you start putting your equipment back in the closet when the cool down song comes on and head out the door without doing so much as a basic quad stretch. You don’t have time for three or four minutes of stretching or yoga poses.

When you skip the stretch you’re short changing yourself on a critical component of the workout.  Not only does stretching improve flexibility, which is beneficial to overall athletic performance and reduces the risk of injury, it also increases blood flow to the muscles decreasing muscle soreness.  Although the reviews are mixed, some studies suggest that stretching can actually increase muscle strength after a weight bearing workout.

There’s nothing that compares to the way a warrior or triangle pose feels after a high intensity interval training workout.  It’s the icing on the cake.  It’s your reward.

I know you’re busy, but I’m betting you have five minutes to spend practicing and perfecting these 5 yoga poses:

1.  Warrior – My favorite of all of the poses. It makes me feel strong and complete. Keep the front leg in bent knee position, and back leg straight.  Arms are held wide and long. Hold the pose on each side for 30 seconds.


2.  Triangle – You can move from the Warrior to the Triangle in one smooth move. Simply straighten the front leg and reach forward to make the triangle.  Practice doing the Warrior followed by the Triangle on the right side, then repeat on the left. Hold each pose for 30 seconds. Did you know the triangle is Bob Harper’s favorite yoga pose?

3.  Downward Facing Dog – This pose isn’t as easy as it looks. The goal is to get your forehead toward your knees. It’s a great move that increases both flexibility and strength. Remember, practice makes perfect.

4.  Tree – Ahhh. The Tree Pose. If you think that you are well balanced this pose will put you to the test. When I first starting practicing the tree pose I put two fingers on a wall to help with stabilization. It’s a challenging pose, but will help you increase balance which improves your athletic ability in any sport.


Tree Pose















5. Plank – The plank is a great example of a body weight exercise that increases upper body strength while working on core muscles.  The plank has replaced the ab crunch as the best exercise for getting six pack abs.

I know the headline says five yoga poses you should do everyday, but I couldn’t resist adding one more.  Who doesn’t want to see Jennifer Aniston do a side plank pose?  The side plank is similar to the basic plank move shown above, only harder.  It takes balance and strength to hold the pose on one arm for 30 seconds. Here’s Jennifer Aniston doing the side plank.

Do These Five Poses Once A Day. Every Day. 

Try incorporating each of these poses into your day, right after your workout or whenever you can fit them in.  You’ll find that you will have improved strength, balance flexibility and focus.  And . . . . .  you’ll look and feel fabulous!

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

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All of the images came from Pinterest.  Click on the picture to view the source.

How You Can Up Your Game With Plyometric Training

“If you’re doing Plyometrics, you can jump higher and run faster and your heart and lungs are going to kick the panties off of anybody else that tries to get out there without it.” – Tony Horton

At one time plyometric training was only for athletes, but over the past few years these high impact workouts have made a comeback and are a big part of the most popular exercise programs.

We know that Tony Horton loves plyometrics. He’s not the only one. From P90X to Insanity to CrossFit and Cathe’s X-Train, the plyometric intervals are what make these workouts both challenging and effective.

Improve your running speed and sand volleyball game with plyometric training.

Improve your running speed and sand volleyball game with plyometric training.

What Are Plyometrics?

The word plyometrics is derived from the Greek word pleythyein, meaning “to increase”. Plyometric refers to exercises that enable a muscle to reach maximum strength in as short a time possible. Plyometric training involves jumping, hopping, and bounding movements that utilize lower body muscle groups, and arm swings, pulley throws and weighted object tosses for upper body.

Plyometric exercises are an important part of sports training that require high levels of speed strength, starting, stopping, sprinting, jumping and throwing. We typically think of this type of training as being specific to competitive athletes competing in baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, hockey, and football.

Plyo training has made its way into the exercise programs of everyday people because those of us who aren’t participating in the competitive sports arena can benefit from these higher intensity exercises as well. In fact, if you been to a fitness class or purchased a workout DVD to do at home recently, I’m betting the workout was peppered with plyometrics.

Benefits of Plyometrics:

Some of the benefits of plyometrics include:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased muscle power
  • Improvement in balance
  • Improvement in overall agility
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased heart rate and higher calorie expenditure

Incorporating plyometric drills into your regular workout in the gym or at home will carry over to other activities that you do either competitively or for fun.  The increases in muscle strength and power will improve your running, biking and swimming speed, and can make you more competitive at some of the things you do for fun like sand volleyball, three-on-three basketball and soccer.

Increased heart rate and higher calorie expenditure is the main reason plyometrics have become a mainstay in many of the popular fitness classes. Adding a few sets of lift-off moves can increase the intensity of your workout and up the number of calories burned just enough for you to get the results you’ve been looking for and you don’t have to spend as much time doing it.

Examples of Plyometric Exercises

Some examples of basic plyometric exercises are:

  • Squat jumps
  • Split squat jumps
  • Dougle leg tucks
  • Lateral jumps
  • Single leg hops
  • Single clap push-ups
  • Drop and catch push-ups
  • Medicine ball throws
  • Medicine ball sit-ups with throw

If you’re new to plyometrics, or have avoided these types of exercises in the past, you will benefit from starting out with just a few of the basic moves (listed above) and gradually increase to more difficult exercises. More challenging exercises like the box jumps (a two footed jump up to a box) and depth jumps (a two footed jump off of a box) are two moves very common in CrossFit.

A couple of sets twice a week is a good place to start unless you have an opportunity to work with a trainer or coach that can provide proper instruction and monitor your progress.

Purchasing a workout DVD that incorporates plyometric exercises is an excellent way to kick off your plyo experience.  You can do the exercises in your own home, work at your own level, and not the feel pressure of having an instructor pushing you to do ‘eight more’.

Many of the DVDs that contain plyometric exercises are labeled as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.  Some good ones are: Cathe Friedrich’s Crossfire, Kelly Coffey’s 30 Min. to Fitness: Plateau Buster, and Mike Donavanik’s Extreme Burn Metabolic.

Three Basic Plyometric Moves Demonstrated Here

This 5 minute workout video from Empower Your Body demonstrates some basic plyometric moves that you can do at home. I recommend starting out with a lower target for the jump-ups!

Keep in mind that there is an increased risk for injury whenever you perform a move where you lift off of the floor and have to land again. If you have problems with your ankles, knees or other joints be sure and ask your doctor before attempting plyometric drills.

And, as with most things, focusing on quality over quantity will assure better results and less chance for injury.  Avoid doing programs that contain plyometric exercises on consecutive days and limit this type of workout to one or two times as week; at least to start.

Over to you?  What’s your favorite plyometric workout?  Leave a comment in the box below and as always . . . . .  Thanks for being Social!  Share!


Madonna’s “Addicted To Sweat” Workout Is Now on DVD

Addicted to SweatMadonna is as famous for her hard body and cutting edge dance routines as she is her music.

For years Madonna has followed a rigid fitness regime that includes cardio sprints, trampoline workouts, and jumping rope. I remember a few years ago reading that when she was on the road and not able to get to the gym she would run the stairs at the hotel that she was staying in.

The hard work has paid off for her.  At 54 she is still in top notch shape and attributes it to the dance workouts that she does with her personal trainer and choreographer, Nicole Winhoffer. Together, Maddona and Nicole have created a new cardio-sculpt dance workout series, Addicted to Sweat,  based on the workouts that Madonna does everyday to stay fit.

Up until now this workout has been offered exclusively at Hard Candy Fitness, Madonna’s signature fitness club, but has recently been released on DVD.  (Read to the end of the post to see how you can win the box set.)

The four set DVD consists of (1) a cardio-dance routine workout, (2) a “jaw-breaker” towel workout, (3) a ramped up cardio-dance workout that is faster and more challenging than DVD #1, and (4) a “jaw-breaking” routine using a chair that changes the meaning of words ‘chair workout’.

Below is the three  minute trailer for Addicted to Sweat:

The workout looks challenging and fun, but the complicated choreography may too much for some people to learn from a DVD. I’m thinking there is potential to take this workout across the globe and offer it as a series of classes taught by trained instructors in the same way Turbo Kick and Zumba are.

You can purchases the 4-set DVD for $49.99 here. For a chance to win the set, tweet your favorite Madonna lyrics using the hashtag #AddictedToSweat.  They will pick the top three.

What do you think?  Is Addicted to Sweat for you?

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