Fitness Rock Star Competes In Her First Sprint Triathlon

Swim, Bike, Run – You Can Do It All! 

I just wrote an article on how a sprint or mini-tri is a good place to start if you want to work up to a full triathlon.  Or, if you’ve been focused on running half marathons and marathons, the tri-challenge will prompt you to work on a new set of skills and provide cross-training opportunities.

The ever-popular running events only require that you excel at one sport.  The triathlon requires a unique set of skills.  Not only do you have to be able to swim, bike and run, you have to be able to put them all together. Getting from the pool and into dry clothes and shoes and onto the bike, and getting off the bike with jelly legs and setting out on a three mile run means you have to train in a different way.

Here’s a picture of my daughter after she completed her first mini-tri last month.  She is a good swimmer and biker.  The running proved to be a challenge for her, especially after swimming and running, but as you can see . . . . she did it!!

Allie crossing the finish line of her first mini-tri. She's A Rock Star!

Allie participated in the Champaign Park District’s Mini-Tri which consisted of a 400 yard pool swim, six mile bike ride, and two mile run.  This is an annual event that is limited to 350 participants.

If you’re thinking about signing up for a mini-triathlon, you can find a complete list of events throughout the United States at Sprint Triathlon Events. Com.

You can read ten tips for training for a mini-tri here and use the buttons below to share the love about Allie’s rock star status.


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