I Like To Move It, Move It – At Work

Get Out From Behind That Desk and Move it!

If you have a job where you sit behind a desk there’s not much you can do about the actual time you spend on the job . . . but there are some ways you can increase your physical activity during the day.

Parking the car as far away from the building as possible is my favorite. You get several short walks in during the day coming and going to the car for lunch outings and work-related errands.

Where I work we encourage employees to walk on breaks, at lunch time and to schedule walking meetings.  If you have something to discuss with another employee, rather than sit in the office, take the conversation outside and walk around while you chat.  I’ll bet the walking will spark your creativity and problem solving ability.

If you  have stairs in your workplace organize a stair climb challenge.  For example try a “Climb the Eiffel Tower” or “Empire State Building” competition.  We do one of these every year where I work. You’d be surprised how competitive people can be to be the first to reach the top of an imaginary building.

Find someone in the organization to take a leadership role and help with a campaign to encourage employees to be more active during the day. Take advantage of the list from Rutgers or get creative and come up with some of your own initiatives.  It makes for good a workplace bonding experience and a healthier workforce.


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