I Like to Move It, Move It To Music

Nothing else gets my energy level up and over the top like music.  Whether I’m running, walking, pushing weights around or teaching my class, music is one of the key elements.

Fitness instructors end up with tons of pre-mixed, re-mix music CDs that keep the class moving at a specific number of beats per minute.  These re-mixes are great stuff!  They have a relentless beat that keeps the energy of the class up and the group moving.

For a little more variety I like to look at the latest mixes from In The Gym which is ‘real’ music – rather than re-mixes – that real people have put together and then generously share with the rest of us to help us get through our workouts.

In The Gym mixes come in all shapes and sizes:  electronic, hip-hop, pop, world and the list goes on.  Once you select a mix you can pre-listen.  The mouse click opens up the iTunes stores so you can listen before you buy!


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