I Like To Move It With Gliding Discs

Me mugging the camera with my weights and gliders.

Looking for a new workout?

Whether you’re a fitness instructor or like to workout in the privacy of your own home, check out the Gliding Disc System.

I know that this system isn’t new, but it’s new to me, and I think it’s worth spreading the word about.

I recently started using these for the class I teach at the Y.  After the first day I was getting text messages and Facebook posts from my participants telling me how sore their buns were.  Plank and ab work on the floor is totally different too.  And like most fitness instructors, different is good because we are constantly looking for ways to challenge the class in new ways.

The discs really do provide a unique experience and move your legs through a range of motion that would be hard to achieve without them.

We’ve been incorporating the discs into our boot-camp style class on Friday and add dumbbells and weighted balls to the exercises that can be viewed on the gliding disc dvd that comes with the system.

So . . . .here we are trying to get ready for our photo op with the discs and then demonstrating the rear lunge.

Very sweaty after-class shot. We’re trying to get organized for the photo.


  1. I like to use gliding discs too ala Mindy Mylrae and Cathe. I do it to give my body a different kind of challenge and to change things up and work my body in a different way. Core moves with the gliding discs are super hardcore.

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