Lisa Knapp – Illinois Marathon Rock Star.

Lisa Ran Her First Full Marathon Last Week.  She’s A Fitness Rock Star! 

There were a lot of fitness rock stars at the Illinois Marathon last Saturday.  My friend, Lisa, was one of them.  After weeks of training, reading and re-reading Jeff Galloway’s book “Marathon! You Can Do it!” and tracking time and distance on her Nike + iPod she was ready.

Training Runs Not Always Fun 

Lisa and I have spent the last six months doing early morning and weekend runs. Our primary focus has been distance and pacing.  When you run with someone over a period of weeks and months you end up talking about almost everything. This past month we talked a lot about nutrition and hydration, what songs to put on our playlists, and she shared some of the tips in Jeff’s book. (I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “Jeff says we need to do this and Jeff says we need to do that.”)

We tried out different jelly beans, clothes, hats and shoes. We ran in the dark, the cold, the rain and heat. During one of our Sunday afternoon long runs the temp got up to about 85 degrees and we weren’t prepared for it.  We ran nine miles in rain and wind on a chilly Saturday morning. In Illinois spring weather is so unpredictable there is absolutely no way to know what it will be like on race day.  We had a chance to try out all of the possibilities in our training runs.  It wasn’t always fun, but it made us stronger and in the end it was definitely worth it.

Here’s the pictures of Lisa from the big day.

Mile 26. Crossing The Finish Line!

Showing Off Her Medal

With Her Husband Jeff.  (He’s a pirate.)

Congratulations Lisa!  You’re a Rock Star!

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  1. Lisa Knapp says:

    Thanks you so much Karen for making me feel so special! It was hard work but it was worth every mile that I have done. I have logged this year 380 miles so far and thanks to you as my running buddy!

    • You trained hard and it paid off. You did a great job! Believe me you were a huge help to me too!

  2. Chuck Hundley says:

    Way to go Lisa.

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