Five Effective Full Length Work Outs (For Free) On YouTube

Getting to the gym can be a challenge. Going out for to bike or run can be even more of one if you live in areas of the globe that experience winter.

I’m constantly looking for effective (free) workouts on YouTube. I guess you could say it is one of my favorite past times. And, on this site I have always generously shared my picks with you.

So, here are my latest favorites. Honestly, I’m having trouble understanding why these instructors are giving away their workouts for free, but they are so ENJOY!

Tracie Long TLF Focus Series

I have to admit I just recently became familiar with Tracie Long. Her workouts are excellent for any fitness level and all are available on YouTube at no cost. Because there are so many good ones I had trouble deciding which one to post on the site but, ultimately chose the Tracie Long TLF Focus Series Vol 5 – Break Through.

Don’t let this seemingly simple workout that uses only a 6 pound medicine ball deceive you. Its low impact/high intensity moves kick in way before it’s over. How does she do the entire workout on that stage without falling off the side?

Equipment needed: one weighted ball (that will kick your you-know-what).

Chalene Extreme Intervals

It doesn’t get better than Chalene’s Extreme workouts. This one starts out using a big ball in the warm up, and then goes to cardio intervals that require no equipment. The workout alternates between cardio and strength intervals for a 40 minute fat-burning workout. As always, Chalene’s enthusiasm is infectious. Be ready to get your sweat on!

Equipment needed: Large ball, weights or resistance band.

Melissa Bender Cardio Body Sculpt HIIT

Melissa Bender is the real deal. She offers every type of work out from “Improve Your Rear View” to “Dancer Body” and boot camp. They are all intense but you can pace yourself and lower the impact on some of the moves as needed.

I’m sharing the 15 Minute Cardio Body Sculpt HIIT: No Equipment workout that was posted on her YouTube channel earlier this month. Melissa does most of her workouts using an interval timer (including this one). This is a tough workout so modify as needed.

Equipment needed:  yoga mat (optional).

Gym Ra – 30 Minute Power Workout With Dumbbells

This workout focuses on toning and strength. The instructor appears to be using three or four pound weights and is working through full range of motion on each of the exercises. For people that have been working out with weights, five or six pound dumbbells would be even more effective. Works upper and lower body. Check out more workouts at

Equipment needed: Light weights.

Fitness Blender 32 Minute Home Cardio Workout With No Equipment

Fitness Blender has been delivering fitness videos for several years so if this one doesn’t suit you there are oodles on YouTube or the Fitness Blender web site to choose from. I like the setting of this workout and it appeals to a variety a levels. It’s not over-the-top, but is a good low-impact cardio workout.

Equipment needed: none

I hope you find a workout here that you like.

What’s Your Favorite YouTube Workout?

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Who Else Is Looking For A Serious Alternative To Exercise TV?

Liongate’s Be Fit Channel Fills The Gap Left By Exercise TV

New options await at Liongate's Be Fit YouTube Channel

It’s time to move beyond mourning the loss of Exercise TV. Lionsgate and YouTube have picked up where Ex TV left off. The partnership brings you free workouts from Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles, to name a few. Be Fit offers a variety of workout styles from boot camp to Pilates to hip-hop dance.

The channel – originally launched in January – most recently added the BeFit Club Hip Hop with fun dance routines from Bryan Tanaka, Dejan Tubic and Janelle Ginestra.

Be Fit and is an ad-supported channel that produces free, original workouts with a new, original workout every week. Plus it offers a “Fit In 90” hard-core workout program that delivers a new playlist every day. By clicking the subscribe button you’ll get a notification of the new workouts as soon as they hit the site.

This Week’s New Workout

Here’s this week’s workout from Club Hip Hop: Bryan Tanaka-School House Rock Dance Workout. If you start watching and think you can’t ever do that, hang on. Bryan goes through dance one time, then breaks down the steps so you can follow along and learn.

Impressed? Bryan is an amazing talent and has been the lead dancer for Beyonce, Rihanna and Mariah Carey. When he’s not touring he instructs master classes and workshops around the world.

For a complete list of Be Fit workouts click here.

Lionsgate Is Global Entertainment

Lionsgate is a global entertainment company best know for motion picture production, including the recent blockbuster “The Hunger Games” and “Madea’s Witness Protection”, and 15 television shows such as Nurse Jackie, Mad Men and Blue Mountain State.

I Want My Ex TV(?)

Still mourning the loss of Exercise TV? I have a feeling Be Fit will help you get through it. You’ll find some other options here.