Challenge Yourself With A New 40 Min Total Body Strength Workout

Building strength while elevating the heart rate means you’re burning calories and fat while you increase lean muscle mass.  It’s a win, win.

You can be one of the first to try BeFit’s 40 Minute Total Body Strength Mobile Workout – Circuit 1.  This workout has some challenging moves for lower body, upper body and core minus the intricate footwork some workout programs require you to learn.

Ten minute workouts are excellent and effective when you’re short on time, but sometimes you need a little more.  Now – as we head into the season of bare legs, shoulders and abs – is one of those times.

Be Fit Go

I did this workout this afternoon and loved it.  Especially the core segment at the end.  If you have a five or six pound medicine ball for the core work you’ll see your results sooner.  You’ll also need a set of dumbbells at the weight of your choice for the strength moves.

Why A 40 Minute Total Body Workout?

Here are three reasons, although there are plenty more.

1.  Ideal for Fat Loss – For people looking for fat loss, a full body workout is ideal for losing weight.  By elevating your heart rate while building strength and lean muscle tone, your body will burn a ton of calories. You’ll keep your workouts fresh and motivating by mixing up your routine.

2.  Increased Recovery Rate – By doing a full body workout, you give your muscles maximum recovery time by taking at least one day off between each full body workout. A reason some people do not progress in their workout program is because they aren’t recovering from session to session.

3. Lower Time Commitment  – If you’re too busy to hit the gym four times a week, a full body workout program will be great for your schedule. Since full body workouts can be performed over just two or three days a week, it gives you more time to fulfill your other obligations. Even if it takes slightly longer in the gym to complete, it will save you time on a weekly basis.

For the complete 40 Minute Total Body Strength Workout, click here.

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Dancing With The Stars Meets “The Expendables 2” In This StarFit Workout

Learn Workout Tips From The Stars On StarFit

Kym Johnson of “Dancing with the Stars” fame hosts a new celebrity fitness tabloid-style show, StarFit, on the BeFit Channel.

Kym Johnson talks to Dolph Lundgren during StarFit













In this week’s episode Kym welcomes celebrity guest Dolph Lundgren.  Doph is famous for his action films that include The Expendables, The Expendables 2, Universal Soldier and Rocky IV. In this StarFit episode, Doph will demonstrate the workout he used to prepare for his role in The Expendables 2.

Be Fit’s new StarFit program contains five-minute segments that show you how the stars get in shape using a variety of the latest fitness trends.  The show will also take you behind the scenes with Hollywood’s hottest celebrities.  The StarFit episodes will include celebrity home visits, exclusive new gyms and spas, and a meet-the trainer segment where you will learn the secrets of how the celebs stay fit and toned.

Be Fit and is an ad-supported channel that produces free, original workouts with a new, original workout every week. Plus it offers a “Fit In 90” hard-core workout program that delivers a new playlist every day. By clicking the subscribe button you’ll get a notification of the new workouts as soon as they hit the site.

Want to work out like the stars?  Check in every Friday for new episodes at The Be Fit Channel.  At BeFit you’ll find workouts from Brian Tanaka, Sadie Nardini, Jane Fonda and Jillian Michaels.

Be Fit’s Yoga For Weight Loss With Sadie Nardini Isn’t For Sissies

Be Fit’s Yoga For Weight Loss Premieres Here

Liongate’s Be Fit YouTube channel has added a weight-loss yoga workout to their programming.  Yoga for Weight Loss with Sadie Nardini takes you through a series of poses designed to strengthen the core, sculpt lean muscles and burn calories.

Sadie does some difficult poses in this 15 minute workout. You may want to watch it one time through before you follow along, and modify the deeper moves as needed.

I’ve posted the Yoga for Weight Loss program below so you can take a quick look.  Be sure and visit the Be Fit Channel where you’ll find a variety of workouts. Be Fit offers everything from Hip Hop dance to the Jillian Michaels’ shred series, and Dancing With The Stars workouts. By subscribing to Be Fit you’ll receive notice as a new workout is added each week.  For a previous post that I wrote introducing Be Fit, click here.

Sadie Nardini – Yoga Rock Star

Sadie Nardini is called the rock star of yoga.  She is the author of “Core Strength” and the creator of the Total Transformation Yoga DVDs; both bestsellers on Amazon.  She brings the ultimate of flow technique to yoga and uses cutting edge strategies to cue her students on alignment and anatomy. It’s a mistake to underestimate the challenge of her workouts, including the one posted here.

As a teen, Sadie dealt with an undiagnosed central nervous system illness that caused her to be nearly paralyzed for over two years. For the 10 years that followed, Sadie fought back and used yoga, nutrition and mental focus to conquer a disease that doctors believed to be incurable.

You can read more about Sadie here.

Be Fit Updates – I’m excited about Liongate’s Be Fit Channel and their commitment to offering a variety of free, quality workouts that are for public consumption. It’s absolutely possible that they are the answer to the beloved Exercise TV, may it rest in peace.

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