Local Fitness Instructor Julie Voris Selected To Be A Part of New P90X2 Workout DVD

Julie Voris gets to live the dream of every fitness instructor. That dream is to be on a workout DVD with a fitness icon like Tony Horton.

Julie, who teaches at the Y in Fishers, Indiana was selected by Tony and the P90X2 team to be part of the crew for the new workout video.

We all know that P90X isn’t for sissies. Julie is the only girl on the set and she says that on taping day they ran through the workout without stopping. In an interview she did with Channel 13 in Indianapolis, IN she says, “As soon as we finished up 31 (jump knee tucks), the camera is right on my face and I’m, like, ‘Ugh.’ My daughter goes, ‘You really were dying mom, weren’t you?’. Yes, I was,” Voris said.

Julie herself is a rock star that motivates 100+ people at her gig at the Fishers Y.

What is P90X2 Anyway?

P90X2 is designed for endurance athletes and focuses on more than muscle building. The program focuses on improving strength, speed, balance and mobility. Similar to P90X it is a 90-day training program with three specific phases. Phase One focuses on hip and shoulder stability and is designed to help endurance athletes who often have weakness in these area due to repetitive motion.

Phase two improves strength, but not necessarily muscle mass because that can slow an endurance athlete down. The goal is to use “unstable or athletic positions in order to seamlessly integrate the strength gains into real world movements.”

Finally, the third segment is all about performance and transferring the strength gains made in Phases One and Two into muscle efficiency. This third and final phase was developed, in part, by Dr. Marcus Elliott, who only trains serious athletes, in Santa Barbara, CA. The test group for P90X2 included some of the world’s best athletes looking to take their training to the next level.

To purchase the new P90X2, visit Beachbody.com.

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