Three Kickboxing Workout DVDs for Your Holiday Wish List

Kickboxing workouts topped the list of ‘most popular exercise programs’ in the 90’s.  Recently they’ve taken a back seat to other popular formats like HIIT, CrossFit, Barre, and Zumba.

But kickboxing has something unique to offer in the areas of cardio fitness and workout enjoyment. Fitness pros like Cathe Friedrich, Amy Bento Ross and Patrick Goudeau continue to create fun and challenging cardio kickboxing workouts that will make you miss the craze of a decade ago.

If you feel like you could use a break from the 10 minute Tabata, HIIT and core workouts, here are three new kickboxing DVDs you must try.  All of these full length workouts will get your heart rate up and keep it up for 40 minutes to an hour and I promise, you won’t be dealing with the boredom factor.

One or all would be the perfect gift to get or give this holiday season and are just what you need to get you motivated and excited to work out in 2014.

1.  Amy Bento Ross’ Body Box

Core Work

Challenging Core Work in Amy’s Body Box.

If you like to box you’ll love this DVD.  Amy’s creative choreography puts a new twist on some basic moves.  She adds pivots and turns to kicks that will keep you moving across the floor rather than standing in place like many kickboxing workouts call for.  If you’re a fan of intervals (I know I am) you’ll like the way Amy alternates cardio boxing with challenging compound strength moves and core work.

Body Box isn’t overly choreographed so you won’t have to spend all of your time trying to learn the moves.  It’s a good balance between not hard enough and overwhelming.  Amy gives excellent cues and has good energy.  The DVD has an 8 minute warm-up followed by 55 minutes of aerobic/toning intervals and an eight minute cool down.  You can preview the DVD at Collage Video where it sells for $19.99.

2.  Cathe Friedrich’s Rockout Knockout

Cathe layers challenging kickboxing patterns in

Cathe layers challenging kickboxing patterns in Rockout Knockout.

If you’re a Cathe fan you know that she never lets you down.  Cathe’s Rockout Knockout is her new kickboxing release that consists of three segments.  The first segment provides some of the basic jabs and kicks combined with athletic drills for a new challenge. The second segment increases in intensity and has some new, and somewhat complicated moves to learn.  The third segment features four layered, add-on patterns that she breaks down to teach.

I would consider this to be an intermediate workout.  It may not be the hardest workout you’ve ever done but you can add intensity by using weighted boxing gloves for some segments of the the workout which is what Cathe and her team does.  Cathe’s cueing is perfect and the music is the best you will find on a workout DVD.

Rockout Knockout is a 55 minute workout that has an eight minute warm up, 41 minute aerobic session, and a six minute cool down.  You can preview the workout at her web site where it sells for $22.99.

3.  Patrick Goudeau presents Kickbox Burn

Patrick passes the baton to Heather Condorf in Kickbox Burn.

Patrick passes the baton to Heather Condorf in Kickbox Burn.

One of my favorite workouts is Patrick Goudeau’s Play Ball.  It is creative and fun, and his personality is an absolute motivator.  Was I disappointed when I found out that Patrick wasn’t leading any of the Kickbox Burn workout?  A little.  But I equally liked Heather Corndorf who has a style and energy that matches his.

Kickbox Burn introduces four ‘rounds’ of kickboxing that all have nice intensity.  I love her four jabs/burpee combo that gets the heart rate up over the top, and the wide jog with quick jabs that’s reminiscent of Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Kick.  Heather is high-energy and delivers the ‘burn’ in a fun, friendly manner.

The workout is medium to high impact but can be modified with lower impact moves where needed. The DVD is 51 minutes long.  It has a six minute warm-up, 40 minute aerobic session, and five minute cool-down. You can preview Kickbox Burn at Collage Video where it sells for $19.99.

Change of Pace

These kickboxing-based workouts keep you moving longer than the trending fitness programs that promote short, quick workouts and there is value in doing a longer duration workout a couple of times a week.  Exercising for an hour or more at a time will increase the amount of calories and fat you burn and help you improve your fitness level.

If someone asks you what they can get you this year or you’re participating in a holiday gift exchange with some of your fitness peers, any or all of these workout DVDs would be the perfect gift.

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