Summer Arm Challenge, Fitstagrammies, and Free At-Home Workouts. It’s Friday. I’m In [Link] Love.

I ran across a few health and fitness links this week that I couldn’t resist sharing. Winter can be a tough time of year to stay on top of of your fitness goals, but the links below will help.

Happy Friday to everyone! It’s Friday and I’m in [link] love!


Summer Arm Challenge from – It’s not too soon to think about how your arms will look in tank tops, spaghetti straps and even strapless summer wear.  This seven day challenge will get you started on toning and strengthening your arms so that they look great in anything you wear. Of course once you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll need to keep doing the exercises on a regular basis.  Better yet, add some weight and extra reps and you’ll be really summer ready! Check it out here.

The Fitstagrammies: 25 from Life by Daily – There are a lot of motivational and inspirational pictures being shared and re-shared on Instagram.  The Daily Burn picked their 25 favorite accounts with links so you can easily find them.  One question.  How in the world does Camille Brown @camille4wildcat do that? The Daily Burn pics are here.

Your Problem Isn’t Motivation by Peter Bregman – A co-worker that I’ve been working with to help her find an exercise program that she enjoys and will stick with sent me this article. Peter Bergman has some good points about how efforts at self-motivation can backfire and have the opposite result along with some tips to help.  If you find the energy and inspiration you had on New Year’s Day has already started to dim, this article can help.

Football Food Makeovers – You don’t have to eat foods that are loaded with bad fats, sodium and sugar on Super Bowl Sunday.  Whether you’re having a party, or need a dish to take to where you’re going, here are 36 healthy ideas for you from Whole  And, they all look delicious. You’ll find the recipes here.

Melissa Bender Workouts on YouTube –  I seem to always be scouring YouTube for new workout programs and ideas so I have no clue why it took me this long to discover Melissa Bender.  Melissa Bender is an occupational therapist that that has a passion for fitness.  Melissa is a runner, yoga instructor and the creator of numerous workouts that you can find on her YouTube channel.  I grabbed a screen shot (below) of the one of the core moves from one of Melissa’s Full Body Cardio workouts. I tried it out on my class on Wednesday. It was crazy hard.  The goal was to do 12 reps per side.  I think I made it to 10.

Melissa Bender

The side plank oblique crunch from Melissa. Very challenging!

Six Apps That Will Help You Beat The Treadmill Blues – This is a link back to an article I wrote last year at this time when I realized that many people were having to give up outdoor running for what many of us refer to as ‘dreadmill’ workouts.  These apps will help you survive – and maybe even enjoy – treadmill workouts and you’ll be able to stick with your training program until the snow melts and you can get outside again. Check out the apps here.

That’s my link share for this week.  If you have a link you’d like to share leave it in the comment box below.

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Light Recipes, A Bootie Challenge and a Pop Song Mashup. It’s Friday I’m in [Link] Love

It’s been awhile since I’ve indulged in a link love Friday post.  I do love link posts and love Friday even more so today I’m sharing the love and enjoying both.


Here we go:

1.  8 Light Recipes to Help You Eat Right After Thanksgiving – Que Rica Vida has eight light recipes to help you with your post-Thanksgiving detox program.  If you feel you’ve already successfully recovered from your Thanksgiving feast you could try incorporating these light dishes into your meal plans over the next couple of weeks to keep your calories under control through the holidays. Check out the recipes here .

2. The Restart Project – Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson have teamed up on a new web series called “The Restart Project”.  The first show premieres on AOL on Monday, December 16.  The ‘project’ shares inspirational stories from women that have transformed their lives through diet and exercise to reach their goals.  You can watch a trailer of The Restart Project here.

3. Glute, Butt, Bootie Challenge – I posted an article a couple of weeks ago that linked readers to some crazy hard burpee challenges.  Here’s a glute, butt and bootie challenge at Skinny that was created by Gale Compton who is a nationally certified fitness instructor.  How hard is the challenge?  The first clue is Day One starts out with a set of 100 squats.  The article includes some videos that demonstrate the exercises done in the challenge. Check it out here.

4. World Wide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2014 – Each year the American College of Sports Medicine puts out a list of what they predict will be the most popular fitness programs in the upcoming year.  This year HIIT workouts top the list with body weight training coming in at a close second.  Boot camp held on to the #20 spot.  Zumba, Pilates and spinning dropped off of the list. For the top 20 trends click here.

5. Caroline Berg Eriksen, Fitness Blogger, Under Fire For Post-Baby Underwear Selfie – Caroline is the new mommy that’s being hated on for posting an underwear selfie where she looks fit and trim four days after giving birth. Back in October Maria Kang posted a picture of her fit bikini clad body with her three boys and a caption that said “What’s Your Excuse?”.  Both women are being accused of shaming overweight mothers and have angered many people.  What do you think?  Is Caroline’s picture offensive?  You can view her picture here.

Pop Danthology Mash-Up – Just for fun, here’s a link to a mash-up of 68 of the most popular songs of 2013 with their original music videos.  It’s good for five minutes of entertainment and you might get some ideas for your workout playlist that you missed.  After all, doesn’t everybody want to be a rock star? Sing along here.

Happy Friday!

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Your Brain on Pot, Icky Egg Whites, and A Summer Drink Quiz. It’s Friday. I’m In [Link] Love.

It’s Friday.  My favorite day of the week and I have links to share.  Everything from a virtual running club you can join to a quiz where you can test your knowledge of the calories in some of your favorite summer drinks.

It’s Friday.  I’m in [Link] Love!


Fitness Friday Presents The Numbers Game – Are you obsessed with numbers like how many calories you’ve burned, how much weight you can bench press, and how fast the mile was that you just ran?  The big question is how does knowing all of that affect your overall performance? Jesse Holland has some good advice for number crunchers.  Read the full story here.

Need Running Motivation? Join the Rise and Run Virtual Running Club – The Rise and Run Club is for anyone who is committed to running first thing in the morning before the rest of the day begins.  If you like to run early, but could use some support, click here to join the Rise and Run Virtual Running Club.

Highest Calorie Summer Drinks from Your Favorite Spots – If you find refreshing summer drinks irresistible, take this quiz to find out where your favorites come in calorie-wise. Warning: You may be looking for some alternatives. Find your drink here.

Walk Away Vs. Walk It Off: Exercise Cost – Once you’ve taken the summer drinks calorie quiz you can find out how long you’ll have to exercise to work off the extra calories you consumed in your selection.  One nutritionist thinks if you know what you’re in for you’ll make better choices. The full article is here.

Study Shocker: Potheads May Not Be Motivated to Work – This doesn’t come as a shock to me but it has been getting a lot of media attention so I thought I would share.  Apparently pot smoking does a number on the dopamine centers of our brains and the chillaxin’ mood that takes over when we smoke may be long term. Details here.

6 Weight Loss Myths Debunked – There is a ton of information to wade through when it comes to effective weight loss strategies.  Here you’ll find six weight loss tactics that turn out to be myths.

What’s In Your Egg White Sandwich Might Scare You – The egg whites found in some food chain’s ‘healthy’ breakfast entrees have more ingredients than when they came out of the chicken.  Sometimes 15 more.  That IS scary!  Click here for the full story.

Study: Diet Soda Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight – At one time we believed that if we cut sugar-loaded soda out of our diet and the drank version diet instead it was a guarantee that we would shed pounds.  Not true says a recent study from Purdue University.  Read about this weight loss myth in detail here.

Developers Creating Apps To Treat Mental Health Issues – A Dorchester woman has created a simple, free Web game called “Depression Quest” that seeks to help people with depression and anxiety.  The game shows helpful options for dealing with depression.  It isn’t intended to replace professional treatment but rather to provide an additional layer of support. Check out the story here.

I hope you love the links too.  Happy Friday!

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Donut Sandwich, Tongue Patch and Smokin’ a Beer. It’s Friday I’m In [Link] Love

Some weeks there are always so many weird, crazy, entertaining articles to share I have trouble narrowing them down to five or six of the best ones.  This was one of those weeks.

There are some bizarre things going on in the world, three of which belong in the “just when I thought I’d heard of everything”category.

Here goes. It’s Friday, I’m in [link] Love!


Your Donut Sandwich Is A Crime Against Sandwiches Everywhere – Who among us doesn’t occasionally splurge and indulge by having our favorite confection at Dunkin’ Donuts?  While some fast-food restaurants are working to offer healthy alternatives to their usual fare, Dunkin’ Donuts has gone above and beyond in creating an unhealthy entrée they like to call a sandwich.   That’s right.  It’s breakfast sandwich ingredients – like eggs and bacon – placed between two glazed donuts.  Sounds too sticky for my taste. The sandwich debuts on June 7.  Read more about it here.

The Most Extreme Weight Loss Method Yet? – If you don’t have the willpower to pass on the Dunkin’ Donut Donut Sandwich, no worries.  You can now have a patch embedded in your tongue that makes eating solid foods so excruciatingly painful you’ll have no choice but to adhere to a total liquid diet. The method, launched by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Nikolas Chugay, claims the patch helps people lose up to 30 pounds a month.  I don’t know what’s most disturbing, realizing that people are so desperate to lose weight they are willing to suffer to this extent, or that a doctor has created the procedure.  You can read more about the tongue patch here.  If you read the comments at the end you’ll know for sure it’s a bad idea.

Smoking Alcohol – Doctors Warn Calorie-Conscious Trend Is Extremely Dangerous – Alcohol typically isn’t part of a weight loss plan.  That is unless you’re smoking your beer instead of drinking it.  A device that vaporizes alcohol so that it can be inhaled has been created by Broderic Allen.  After Allen lost 80 pounds he was determined not to put the weight back on but missed the buzz he got from drinking alcohol.  His calorie-free alcohol smoking invention was a win-win.  Except for one thing. The method, which unfortunately is catching on due to a how-to YouTube video, is dangerous, even deadly, and it put users on a fast track to liver disease. Check out the full article here.

The ‘Prancercise’ Craze and Other Strange Exercises – Are you bored with Zumba and Body Pump classes?  You may want to try Prancercise.  You can see for yourself whether or not it’s for you.

The article also explores some other, shall we say, strange exercises crazes.  If you need your daily chuckle, check it out here.

Juicy Gossip: Inside the Cleansing Craze – Nutritionists continue to tell the public that juice diets and cleanses are a waste of time and money but people don’t seem to want to listen.  This article explores reasons why nutritionists agree there’s no reason to juice or cleanse.  I’ve always been of the belief that juicing wasn’t a healthy weight-loss strategy however, as it turns out, it’s the only option for tongue patch participants. Full story here.

Is Barefoot-Style Running Best? New Studies Cast Doubt – Don’t throw away your running shoes just yet.  New research on barefoot running shows that the claims that going barefoot or with a minimalist shoe makes runners faster and stronger are not substantiated.  The latest studies indicate a myriad of problems with going shoeless including an increased risk of injury which turns out to be the biggest complaint amonst  barefoot runners.  The NYTimes article can be found here.

I hope you enjoy the links. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Compression Gear, Formula 50, and Physique 57. It’s Friday, I’m In Love.

It’s Friday.  I’m in [Link] Love

It’s only December 7 and I’m already tired of holiday-related articles; most of all, the ultimate gift guides that never have anything in them that I would actually give to someone.  This week’s Links Love does not lead you to a gift list for the fitness junkie in your life, or any holiday make-over recipes, although I’m actually a fan of the latter.

It’s Link Love Friday.  Let’s Get Started.  

Is Compression Gear On Your Holiday With List?  What’s up with compression gear?  Does it, or does it not make you run faster and jump higher?  The science hasn’t proven that it does, so if you’re planning on making an investment in compression workout wear for yourself, or someone else, you might want to read this first. The article discusses actual tests that have been done on compression attire, plus the author gives the results of a personal research project he did on the ‘performance enhancing’ fitness wear.

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