What You Can Learn From Tony Horton

“Do NOT say you “can’t”! You can say, “I don’t want to”. You can say, “I’m not willing to put forth the effort”. But DO NOT say you CAN’T!” – Tony Horton

Tony Horton, one of my favorite fitness icons has released another workout DVD, P90X3, just in time for the holidays.  P90X3 is a series of 30-minute high intensity interval training workouts that promise to get you lean and mean in 90 days. You can watch the clip below to see it’s not your mother’s workout (whatever that means) but can be modified so that it is doable for almost everyone.

I do love Tony Horton’s workouts.  I was a big fan of the 10 Minute Trainer series that he launched in 2007.  From the 10 Minute Trainer evolved the revolutionary concept that we don’t have to work out for an hour everyday to see results. The radical suggestion that people can get fit in 10 minutes a day is now a mainstream belief in the world of fitness training.

Most of all I love Tony for the infectious enthusiasm he has for life, the quirky Tonyisms that he delivers throughout all of the workouts, and the way he projects the notion that if he can do all of these things, so can you and I. Tony is an althletic trainer, leader, mentor, and coach and there’s a lot we can learn from him.

About Tony

Tony was born on July 2, 1958 and raised in Trumbull, Connecticut where he attended the University of Rhode Island.  By 1980 he had left his home state and moved to Los Angeles with the dream of becoming an actor.

While in LA he started working out at the World Gym in Venice, California where he collaborated with former-triathlete and Ironman competitor Mark Sisson who introduced him to interval training.

Tony became a personal trainer and started his own business, ASH Fitness, in Santa Monica, CA where he became the trainer for the stars.  Some of his clients included Billy Joel, Tom Petty, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Bruce Springsteen.

In the early 2000’s Beachbody recruited Tony to help them develop a workout video in-home boot camp program called Power 90.  In 2004 Tony developed the first P90X series which took the Power 90 program to the next level. In the P90X program, Tony introduced the theory of muscle confusion that has been proven to help participants achieve maximum results and shatter a plateau.

The P90X2 series was launched in 2011 and now, the most recent program,P90X3, is on the market in time for the holidays.  Tony’s home workout series has reached $500 million in sales and he continues to inspire people to get fit without leaving their home.

Tony’s World

There is plenty you can learn from Tony by visiting his web site Tony Horton’s World.com.  He has a question/answer style blog and a ‘Bring It’ sound clip where you can listen to Tony answer fan’s questions about fitness and nutrition.

You can learn the most about Tony by doing his workouts where you can benefit from his persistently intense energy, his ‘no excuses’ outlook, and the Tonyisms that he disburses frequently throughout the program. Here’s a few of my favorites Tony Horton quotes:

  • Don’t let your ego get in the way of your success.
  • Focus on the present moment. Stay in the moment.
  • If you need a break, take a break.  Look at me.  I’m taking a break.  I’m the leader. I can do whatever I want.  But when you’re back, you’re back with a vengeance!
  • Hamburger bad. Fries bad. Coca-cola bad. There I said it. Drink your water people.
  • Do your best and forget the rest.
  • Feel free to laugh, because these are all really funny jokes.
  • Don’t just kinda do it!
  • Clear your mind of all bad things.
  • Yes, I know it’s hard.  It’s supposed to be.
  • Happiness is right here.

Is P90X3 on your holiday wish list?

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Local Fitness Instructor Julie Voris Selected To Be A Part of New P90X2 Workout DVD

Julie Voris gets to live the dream of every fitness instructor. That dream is to be on a workout DVD with a fitness icon like Tony Horton.

Julie, who teaches at the Y in Fishers, Indiana was selected by Tony and the P90X2 team to be part of the crew for the new workout video.

We all know that P90X isn’t for sissies. Julie is the only girl on the set and she says that on taping day they ran through the workout without stopping. In an interview she did with Channel 13 in Indianapolis, IN she says, “As soon as we finished up 31 (jump knee tucks), the camera is right on my face and I’m, like, ‘Ugh.’ My daughter goes, ‘You really were dying mom, weren’t you?’. Yes, I was,” Voris said.

Julie herself is a rock star that motivates 100+ people at her gig at the Fishers Y.

What is P90X2 Anyway?

P90X2 is designed for endurance athletes and focuses on more than muscle building. The program focuses on improving strength, speed, balance and mobility. Similar to P90X it is a 90-day training program with three specific phases. Phase One focuses on hip and shoulder stability and is designed to help endurance athletes who often have weakness in these area due to repetitive motion.

Phase two improves strength, but not necessarily muscle mass because that can slow an endurance athlete down. The goal is to use “unstable or athletic positions in order to seamlessly integrate the strength gains into real world movements.”

Finally, the third segment is all about performance and transferring the strength gains made in Phases One and Two into muscle efficiency. This third and final phase was developed, in part, by Dr. Marcus Elliott, who only trains serious athletes, in Santa Barbara, CA. The test group for P90X2 included some of the world’s best athletes looking to take their training to the next level.

To purchase the new P90X2, visit Beachbody.com.

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When World’s Collide – Fitness Industry and Workplace Wellness Programs Use Different Means To Reach The Same End

Flickr photo by digital cat

Tony Horton, Meet Dr. Dee Edington

The fitness industry is full of over-zealous group instructors and personal trainers that charge people up and fill them with motivation and enthusiasm to lose weight and buff up.  We think of our ‘clients’ as a piece of clay that we can mold and change and shape into the person they (or we) want to see.

The role of the workplace wellness program administrator is different.  In this role we follow the concept of ‘don’t get worse’ that Dr. Dee Edington made famous with his book “Zero Trends”.  If we can at least keep people from slipping further along the health continuum that goes from well to chronically ill, we can acknowledge some level of success.

Dr. Edigton and Tony Horton Have More In Common Than We Might Think 

Though these seem to be two entirely different concepts, everyone is working towards the same goal; to have a positive impact on the health of our families, friends, co-workers, and even those people that we’ve never met (hence the several thousand health and wellness blogs out there).

“The flower that follows the sun, does so even on cloudy days” – Robert Leighton

For those of us that are passionate about wellness, it is a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task to inspire people to keep pursuing their dream of a healthier lifestyle.  I hope this blog will help at least one person realize that health isn’t found in a diet pill, a fat-melting exercise program, or fad diet.

Wellness is a process of getting up everyday seeking to choose the healthiest options that are within our reach.  Do we accomplish this everyday? For most of us the answer is, of course not. So, we get back up the next day and start again.