10 Day Challenge

Let’s Get Started!

When you decide to take the No Fast Food For Ten Day Challenge one thing that I’m certain will happen is that you will start to think about food in a different way.  Once we begin to see food as fuel it changes our relationship with it.

If the primary purpose of what we eat is to provide us with the nutrients we need to have the energy to do all of the things we want to do we will decide it’s time to use better fuel. Using food for comfort, stress management, loneliness and all those other things won’t be as prevalent.

How Hard Can This Be?

Here’s some things that will need to help us be successful with the challenge:

  1. Get up to speed on label-reading.  If we’re looking for packaged foods that onlyhave five or less ingredients you’ll have to look at the labels.  If you are not a habitual label reader, I’m guessing you’ll be surprised at what is in the foods we eat.
  2. Easy recipes that won’t require you to spend long hours in the kitchen.  Skinnytaste.com has tons of delicious looking recipes and nutritional information is included.
  3. Motivation.  Post your comments on this page and maybe I or someone else in the challenge can help you with questions or trouble you might be having resisting temptation.  Lisa Leake’s 100 day challenge web site will also provide you plenty of resources and motivation as well.

Good luck!  

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