Tip For Day Five

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Eating Out Is Easy!

It’s unrealistic to think that we will prepare our own meals three times a day, seven days a week. If that’s required to adhere to the Ten Day Challenge it will totally take the fun out of it.

If you’re going to eat out and are uncertain how to pick the right foods once you get to there, give the Restaurant Nutrition app a try. This app, created by Healthy & Fit Communities, allows you to view nutritional information on menu items plus track what you’ve eaten. I downloaded it to my Smartphone and it appears to have an extensive list of restaurants. It works for the iPhone too.

What If You Don’t Want Another App? 

There are web sites that supply tons of nutritional information about restaurant food: Caloriecount.com and Calorieking.com. are  my favorites.  If the restaurant you’re planning to go to isn’t a chain that would be listed on-line or in the phone app, you can always ask the server about the food you’d like to order. Usually, privately owned restaurants are more than willing to supply information about how the food is prepared.

While the Restaurant Nutrition app and on-line nutritional sites will give you great information about calories, fat, sodium and other helpful things, I haven’t found a site that will provide a complete list of ingredients.  That’s probably because those recipes are super-secret, and the closest you might come to finding out what’s in the menu items is by searching on-line for Copy Cat recipes.  By now, you’re probably pretty good at picking out which foods have more than five ingredients lurking in them anyway.


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