Tip For Day Nine

What Have You Learned?

After having about 35 people complete the Ten Day Challenge at my workplace I asked for some honest feedback and I got it.  Some loved it.  Some not so much.  Everyone agreed that they had learned something about the foods that they eat everyday; they contain a lot of ‘stuff’ and we have no idea what most of it is.

Some of the most positive comments I received were:

  • I lost five pounds!
  • I really enjoyed cooking again.  I didn’t realize how much I was depending on pre-packaged foods.  I made soups and casseroles from scratch and they were so good.
  • After being on insulin for several years my blood sugar is almost back to normal.  I didn’t need my insulin this morning. (Wow!)
  • I wasn’t perfect but I tried really hard and my family was on board and did it with me which really helped.
  • I feel better and have more energy.  I was so inspired by the challenge I got on-line and ordered the Zumba DVD set so I can get started working out again.

Even the folks that said they were so glad the challenge was over because they missed their diet sodas, said they appreciated the opportunity to learn more about nutrition, foods labels and willpower.

Set A New Goal

Cutting back on processed foods can help lower the prevalence of many of the chronic diseases our society is plagued with:  heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. But, changing our eating habits is a process; one that takes more than ten days.  Tomorrow, on day ten, you’ll be invited to set a new goal.  I hope you’re up for the challenge.


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