Tip For Day Ten

Day Ten – The Day To Step Up To A New Challenge

Lisa Leake’s original goal was to go ‘fast’ food free for 100 days.  This blog and my workplace challenge asked people to try for ten.

Now that the ten days is up, let’s set our sites on 100 days.  If you think you can’t possibly go for 90 more days without diet soda or Lean Cuisine, set a goal to ‘reduce’ the amount of processed foods in your diet.  Let’s make it a SMART goal.  One that looks like this:

  • Four days a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the next 90 days I won’t eat any ‘fast’ food.  I will keep a food diary on those days and write down what I eat so that I can look back at how well I did at the end of the challenge.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Ten Day Challenge.  I’m glad you learned more about the foods you eat.  That was the goal!

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