Tip For Day Three

Portion Control is important - even with good-for-you foods

Calories and Portions Are Still Factors

If you’ve joined the No Fast Food Challenge and you’re totally excited about eating lots of good-for-you stuff, I don’t want to be the one to burst you bubble but . . . . . nutritious, really-good-for-you ‘whole’ foods have calories too.

I don’t want anyone to get to the end of the ten days and say, “What the heck! I’ve gained weight on this so called good-for-me-diet!”  That would be self-defeating.

We always have to be aware of portion control and calorie content.  I’m sorry . . . I didn’t make the rules, I’m just trying to help everyone follow them.

Calorie King is a great resource for figuring out how many calories is in all of the amazing foods that you’re eating. Why not use it?

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