Tip For Day Eight

Retrain You Taste Buds To Prefer Whole Wheat Bread (flickr photo)

If you love white breads and pastas, how will you ever get used to whole grains?

I decided to move my family away from whole grains a couple of years ago, and at first it wasn’t easy.  Now it’s a choice.  After reading “The Culprit and the Cure” I decided it was time to give this whole-grain ‘fad’ a try.

For the first few months I would go from eating whole grain pasta and brown rice back to the white.  It seems I just still craved white rice and pasta.  As time went by I found I was enjoying the whole grain foods better.  They have more texture, don’t get sticky in the pan, it’s harder to overcook them and they have a nuttier flavor.

At first I made some dishes with whole-grain, some with white, and some were 50/50.  Now we’ve gone completely to a whole grain diet (except when we go to a Mexican restaurant that still serves white tortillas).  What can I say?  No one is perfect.

It is absolutely possible to re-train your taste buds so that you no longer crave the sticky white starchy pastas and breads.  You can learn to prefer brown rice, whole-wheat spaghetti, and whole-wheat tortillas over white.

Why Bother?

You may be wondering, why bother?  Remember that for grains to be made into fluffy products such as white rice, pasta or bread they have to go through a process that removes the bran and germ which depletes many of the nutrients and fiber. Though we’ve become accustomed to the softer texture of processed grains, we have lost much of the nutritional value.

Whole grains can help prevent chronic diseases that are now prevalent in our society such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Plus, the best thing about the unprocessed products is the extra fiber keeps us full longer.

Try to stick to only whole grains for the Ten Day Challenge and see how you do.  I’ll bet you will be like me and give the white stuff up for good.

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